WATCH: Spectacular drone footage shows traffic-free Limerick during Covid-19 lockdown

David Hurley


David Hurley


As the vast majority of people abide by the Government's public health restrictions, spectacular aerial footage has emerged of an almost-deserted Limerick city.

The footage, which was recorded and posted online by VisionAir Technologies, shows just how quiet Limerick is as most people are staying at home with many working remotely.

The Limerick-based company is fully licenced and permission was secured from the relevant authorities to deploy the drone which captured the incredible footage.

It features landmark locations such as King John's Castle and the People's Park as well as several city centre streets such as Shannon Street and O'Connell Street which are virtually traffic-free.

As if to highlight the impact of the current restrictions, a single car is captured as it travels across Sarsfield Bridge - normally one of the busiest routes in the city.