WATCH: Limerick nana gives grandson birthday surprise of his life!

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


WE all feel like the people in white coats are coming to take us away at the moment but Jay Daly really knows!

Jay was quietly playing outside his Ballybricken home this Tuesday afternoon as his eighth birthday party had been cancelled. But nana - Geraldine Haigney - had a birthday surprise for him.

Herself and her partner, Peter, donned white surgical suits and sang happy birthday.

“I did it on a whim. I haven’t seen my grandchildren in three weeks and they live literally just over the road within the two kilometre radius. I said to Peter, ‘I’m not going to let the day go without saying happy birthday to the child’,” said Geraldine.

She told her daughter and Jay’s mum, Chloe, that they might wave if they were walking by.

“I never told her what we were doing. I thought it might lift spirits to get all dressed up. I’d say Jay must have thought we were coming to take him away the poor cratur. We wrote 'Happy 8th birthday Jay, love nana and Pete' on the back of the suits.

“Jay and his sister Mia were delighted to see us. I was crying when I saw them,” said Geraldine, who sums up how hard it is for grannies not to be able to hug their grandchildren.

Peter and Geraldine came bearing gifts including a Pokemon inspired birthday cake.

“We stayed about 10/15 minutes just to sing happy birthday. We couldn’t share the cake once we passed it over. We didn’t have any tea or coffee because we were abiding by the rules,” said Geraldine.

Jay wasn’t the only to get a surprise either.

“The man across the road was out cutting the lawn. When he saw us he ran in with the shock. It was so funny,” laughed Geraldine.

Jay’s party might have been cancelled but he will never forgot his eighth birthday thanks to Geraldine and Peter.