WATCH: Candidate removes Leo Varadkar election poster blocking BreastCheck sign in Limerick

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


A GENERAL election candidate has removed a poster of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar because it was blocking a BreastCheck sign in Limerick city. 

In a video obtained by the Limerick Leader, Solidarity-People Before Profit candidate and former councillor, Mary Cahillane is seen with a cutter, removing the poster which is placed over a Breast Check sign and over directions to St Joseph's Hospital on Mulgrave Street. 

"In my opinion, Leo Varadkar and his Government have done enough damage to the health service in this country. I haven't forgotten about the CervicalCheck women so I am cutting this poster down because I am sick of looking at it," she said before removing the poster. 

Fine Gael has been contacted for comment. 

In a statement to the Leader, Ms Cahillane said that has been campaigning on healthcare in Limerick "for the best part of three years from the CervicalCheck scandal to the horrendous overcrowding in University Hospital Limerick. What I have witnessed has been a form of health poverty and a callous disregard by Fine Gael for women's health."

She said she was appalled to see the Taoiseach's face covering the sign while she was out erecting her own posters. 

"It epitomised the total disregard that FG have shown for women's health. I did what any woman would have done and I clipped it down. I have no regrets. I have Leo's poster if he or any of the Fine Gael team in Limerick wants to call around and get it."