WATCH: Irish Artisan Charcoal Company in Limerick blazing a trail with unique product

Fond memories of a warm summer with Limerick Local Enterprise Office supported company

Alan Owens


THE blistering summer days may be a distant memory but the latest company featured in our six part series that looks at examples of businesses that Limerick Local Enterprise Office supports will have you hankering for warm days again.

The Irish Artisan Charcoal Company is the only company that gives us barbecue charcoal grown and cultivated here. It’s a unique product. They take the ‘thinnings’ – basically the low value trees that would otherwise be left to rot back into the earth – from commercial forests and turn them into a top quality product for us to barbecue on.

No accelerants used, you don’t need lighter fuel or firelighters, just ready to use native Irish charcoal that can be cooked on within 15 minutes of being lit.

Enjoy the story of this really interesting fledgling Irish company supported by Limerick Local Enterprise Office, the innovation of its founders, not to mind those wonderful steaks!

For further information on the Irish Charcoal Company go to or for information on Limerick Local Enterprise Office, go to

– Supported by the Local Enterprise Office Limerick