WATCH: Brian Cody hails JP McManus as 'inspiring' at Limerick Chamber event

Alan Owens


KILKENNY hurling boss Brian Cody has hailed Limerick businessman JP McManus as "an inspiring person".

Speaking at Limerick Chamber’s Regional Leaders Forum, sponsored by Dell EMC and held in association with the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick last week, the 11-times All-Ireland winning manager admitted to being an admirer of JP McManus.

"There are so many who are high achievers, whether they be in sport or whether they be in business,” he said.

"I’m down in Limerick here, I always reflect on the likes of JP McManus, what he has done and not only what he has achieved, what he has done for his own area, for Limerick, in particular, and the generosity of a man. I think he's just an inspiring person,” he added. 

The Kilkenny boss offered up his own pearls of wisdom and how the information he has gleaned in sport can transfer over, stressing that being a team player is also very important in business.

"I think there's no gospel really for what makes good leaders. I think it's a personal thing; I think it’s very, very important that you bring your own self to it and that you understand your motivation for being a leader and what your values are and what you want to achieve with your group,” he said.

"And I think obviously good communication and a good understanding of the people you are working with as well is hugely important.

"Obviously you're looking for a good attitude, first and foremost.

"From my point of view in the sporting world, I would have a good knowledge of the potential players you'd want and you'd see the way they perform.

"You see the kind of honesty and attitude that they have. I think, as well, what's hugely important with any group, whether employees or whatever it is, that you be a team player; to always be watching out and helping and be there to help your teammates and your workmates," he added.