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Love Island - Maura turns up heat with Curtis and cools on Marvin

Love Island - Maura turns up heat with Curtis and cools on Marvin

Maura and Curtis get some dance practice in at the villa

Maura has recently confessed that she is attracted to Curtis and she’s now ready to make her first move, despite being coupled up with Marvin.

As the Islanders relax in the garden, Maura says “Curtis will you teach me to dance then?”

Curtis gets up and gives Maura the dancing lesson she’s been waiting for. But as Maura and Curtis cha-cha around the garden, Amy picks up on their moves. 

Later that evening, Maura speaks with Lucie about her dance lesson with Curtis. At the fire pit, Maura says to Lucie “I think I fancy him even more after today.”

Conversation soon shifts to Maura and Lucie’s current partners Marvin and George. The girls feel it is time to talk to Marvin and George and tell them how they feel.  

At the fire pit, Lucie says to George and Marvin “Me and Maura feel the same, we’re just not really feeling it.” 

Maura feels as if there isn’t a romantic connection between her and Marvin and their conversations haven’t been organic. 

Marvin disagrees “I hear you but that is bulls**t. I’ve tried to overlook how you [Maura] have been cold.”

Maura seems perplexed by Marvin’s admission “So, I’ve been cold?”

Marvin says “I came into this with you 50/50. I don’t owe you anything.”

Maura says “I never said you did! Don’t put words in my mouth Marvin!”

It appears that things are definitely over between Marvin and Maura. But the next evening, Maura asks Curtis for a chat and tells him how she feels. 

Will Curtis succumb to Maura’s advances?



Maura now has the opportunity to show off some of the moves that Curtis has taught her, because that evening none other than Craig David arrives at the villa to play a set for the Islanders, at their very own Ministry of Sound party. 

As the Islanders head into the garden, they’re blown away by the evening’s special guest. 

Tommy reflects on Craig’s arrival in the Beach Hut. He says “I did not expect that. I just looked over and saw Craig David!”

Similarly, Anna is excited by Craig’s presence. In the Beach Hut, she says “I love Craig David. I wish he was a bombshell!” 

One Islander is feeling particularly emotional by tonight’s surprise. In the Beach Hut, Anton says “Wow, wow, wow. I nearly just cried!”



Anna has been left torn between Ovie and Jordan, but after going on a date with Jordan, it appears she is swaying more towards him. 

However, Anna is keen to have a chat with Ovie and see how he feels about the situation. 

On the day beds, Ovie says to Anna “I really do like you.”

Anna replies “I do want to give this a chance and I am a slow burner. I like you from what I have seen. But you’re pushing me away, whereas Jordan is doing the complete opposite.”

Anna has also overheard Ovie telling Amber that he may be interested in pursuing a romantic connection with Joanna. She relays this to Ovie and says “This vibe I’m getting isn’t good.”

Ovie says “I do feel like you’re not clear on what you want.”

Anna says “And Joanna is?”

Ovie says “That’s the vibe I got.”

The pair continue to disagree with each other. Ovie eventually leaves the day beds and says “The conversation is done.”

It appears that things have well and truly fizzled out between Anna and Ovie. Shortly after, Anna heads to the terrace for a chat with Jordan. 

Jordan asks Anna “Do you know what you want?”

Anna says “I do know what I want now.”

It isn’t long before Anna and Jordan lips are reunited and the pair have a smooch. Will Ovie now be turning his attention towards Joanna?



Joanna feels that Michael may still have feelings for Amber and she wants to know where she stands. Molly-Mae has already filled Joanna in on Amber and Michael’s chat the day prior and how Michael perhaps didn’t completely call things off with Amber. 

Joanna asks Michael the blunt question “Do you still have feelings for her?”

Michael reassures Joanna and says “No. Not like that. As a friend, yes I do because I don’t want to see her hurt.”

Michael continues “I don’t even speak to the girl. I walk past and ask if she is alright.”

Meanwhile, Amber is speaking with the girls on the swing seat and feels as if Michael did not make it clear that he only had eyes for Joanna. But Michael feels like Amber has misinterpreted their conversation. 

The next evening, Joanna is keen to confront both Amber and Michael so they’re all on the same page. But will Michael decide to carry on getting to know Joanna or will he go back to Amber? 

Love Island airs tonight on Virgin Media Two at 9pm

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