Limerick play examines 'the great mistake of power'

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Limerick play examines 'the great mistake of power'

The production image for Kevin Kiely Jr's Prisoner of Oil, featuring actor John Murphy

RENOWNED Limerick actor Kevin Kiely Jr is running his new play Prison of Oil over the next two weeks, which was received well at its opening show.

The new production stars actors Danny Lynch and John Murphy, and kicked-off at Limerick City Build, on Bank Place, this Wednesday.

Mr Kiely, who is the director and writer of the project, said that it examines “what happens if one man is given a blank canvas of power".

“The audience can expect to come into the theatre and they can expect to look at an artist’s studio. The whole play will take place within the confines of this painter’s studio. I would ask the audience, then, to go with us on a journey with this painter as he explores the potential of becoming a powerful man.”

Young actor, Danny Lynch also performs in Kiely’s short film, The Cheese Box, which will make its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, next month. 

He added that the play explores the “innocense”, which he said is seen with the presence of the teddy bear in the poster. 

“Danny is a very good actor,” the director enthused, “He will be playing the innocent one in the play.”

He said that people’s “illusion of power is the great mistake". 

“When people feel like they have the power, it is a very difficult time for the people who sit under that.”

Kiely is producing the play through his Isleboro Productions, which also presented the recent interdisciplinary performance piece (Specifically. Being. Human.), which also took place in the City Build. 

Tickets for the show, which runs until May 7, are €10. See