Seventeen films on TV as temperatures look set to soar

17 films on TV this week to help you ignore that darkening sky

Ronan O'Meara gives his picks of movies on TV over the next week

It's the weekend and Ronan O'Meara has been scouring the TV schedules to find movies to watch over the next seven days.

Here are 17 to choose from....enjoy!

Donnie Brasco: Saturday, TG4 @ 9.20pm

Going undercover in the mob takes guts and Joe Pistone has them in spades. His job gets awkward though when he becomes friends with a man he'll eventually have to take down. Johnny Depp may play the lead role but Al Pacino owns the film. He's in phenomenal in it, so much so that you'll forget it's him playing the part. A stressful watch laced with dark humour and carried by a fine cast that includes Anne Heche and Michael Madsen.

Kinky Boots: Saturday, BBC2 @ 11.40pm

Charlie has inherited his father's shoe business but he hasn't a notion about it. Lola is a drag queen who hates the footwear used in her job. Together they make unlikely partners. Kinky Boots is thoroughly enjoyable and absorbing watch that conveys a lovely message and it's one that's populated with warm, well sketched, interesting characters. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joel Edgerton and Sarah Jane Potts all do stellar work.

I, Daniel Blake: Saturday, RTÉ One @ 11.40pm

After a health scare issue prevents him from working, Daniel finds himself tied up in the red tape of the UK benefits system. A system designed to rip the humanity away from a person. Ken Loach's 2016 drama is a maddening, upsetting & nightmarish watch but one filled with humour and a deep humanity too. A horribly believable film. Dave Johns & Hayley Squires are excellent.

Presumed Innocent: Saturday, RTÉ2  @11.50pm

Rusty Sabich is a lawyer who finds himself accused of the very murder he's investigating. The fact he had an affair with the victim stacks the odds of being prosecuted against him. Alan J.Pakula's courtroom thriller is a real old school watch. Intelligent, grown up, compelling and hard to predict. Harrison Ford is fine in a part rather different to his usual roles and Raul Julia, Bonnie Bedelia and Greta Scacchi back him up nicely.

Raw: Sunday, Film4 @ 1.10am

Justine has just arrived in college to begin her veterinary education. It's a whole new world for her. A hazing ritual designed to humiliate new students has a strange effect on her. Things get kind of disgusting. This 2016 French horror is a fantastic watch but it's definitely only suitable for those with an iron constitution as it's gore and dark sexuality are.......well things get explicit. Garance Marillier is a first rate lead.

Paddington 2: Sunday, BBC1 @ 5pm

Paddington bear is living his best life. He's popular in his community, he's doing a job he loves and he's lashing into the marmalade. Then he ends up in jail. It's time to start fashioning your toothbrush into a shiv Paddington. 100 minutes of pure bliss. A clever, funny and full hearted adaption of a childhood fave into something even the most miserable person will enjoy. Ben Whishaw, Sally Hawkins and Brendan Gleeson all have a ball.

Hush........Hush Sweet Charlotte: Sunday, Talking Pictures TV @ 10pm

In a creaky rundown old plantation in the deep American south a woman name Charlotte lives a reclusive life following a tragedy years before. She's rarely seen, locals are suspicious of her and one day someone new arrives to talk...... Bette Davis, Olivia De Havilland and Joseph Cotton lead a packed cast in a brilliantly melodramatic and highly camp slice of American gothic that will please anyone with an interest in grand guignol cinema. 

The Daughter:  Monday, Film4 @ 1.20am

An older man is about to marry a much younger woman in an Australian town and family members are arriving home for the ceremony. Two of them reconnect and discover a turn of events that may well devastate the town. This moody and tense drama from 2015 has a pace that may be offputting to some but stick with it and it will worm it's way into your head. Geoffrey Rush, Anna Torv, Sam Neill and Odessa Young do well here

Triangle: Monday, The Horror Channel @ 10.45pm

The yacht Jess and her friends are on has been damaged in a storm and now they are floating aimlessly. Eventually they come across a deserted ship and climb aboard. Before long they realise floating aimlessly had it's upsides. A well made psychological thriller that will scare you and confuse you in equal measure but the pay off is worth it. Melissa George does well as a woman very out of her depth.

Badlands: Monday, TCM @ 10.55pm

In the heartlands of the United States, a young couple go on a crime spree that brings them to national attention. The first film from Terence Malick is a classic slice of Americana and one that is still being homaged over 40 years later. A dreamy, beautiful written but stark and brutal film. Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen are both amazing in a tale that paved the way to stardom for both them and the director.

Shadow Of A Doubt: Tuesday, Great! Movies Classic (formerly Sony Classic) @ 10pm

Uncle Charlie is home and his niece Charlotte is delighted. He's mysterious, he's worldly, he doesn't treat her like a child, he's funny and because it's an Alfred Hitchcock film, of course he has a deep dark secret. 75 years old and still an absolute pleasure to watch, this post war murder mystery is less whodunnit and more how and when will he be caught. Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotton both play their parts wonderfully.

Brick Lane: Wednesday, Film4 @ 1.15am

An arranged marriage has left Nazeem dying inside. She stuck in a tiny London flat, thousands of miles from family and friends with a man who has no time for her. Then one day there's a knock on the door. A look at love from a perspective rarely seen in western cinema, filled with well written and well realised characters. Tannishtha Chatterjee and Christopher Simpson deliver heartfelt performances.

Howl: Wednesday, The Horror Channel @ 10.50pm

A passenger train crosses the English countryside under a full moon. A deer is struck and blood spills. Blood that attracts the attention of something monstrous. Now the passengers have to team up and fight for their lives until sunrise. A good creature feature is always a laugh and this one gets the job done with a decent blend of nastiness and dark humour crossed with a bit of kitchen sink drama. Ed Speelers and Holly Weston make for an engaging pair of leads.

I, Origins: Thursday, Channel 4 @ 2am

A group of scientists working on the evolution of the human eye find their research is leading them to some strange and profound places. An unusual and original premise in a drama that's a bit all over the place but it's one that's full of ambition, intrigue, intelligence and one that is surprisingly entertaining and pretty mischevious in places. Michael Pitt, Brit Marling and Steven Yeun lead a solid cast.

Bad Times At The El Royale: Thursday, Film4 @ 9pm

In a run down motel on the shores of Nevada's lake Tahoe, a group of disparate strangers check in and intermingle and eventually come to blows. Drew Goddard's star studded 1969 set thriller is an interesting watch. It's not as clever as it think it is but it's still stylish, humorous, vicious and full of metaphor for the tumultuous period it's based in. Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson and many more have loads of fun.

McCabe And Mrs Miller: Friday, TG4 @ 9.05pm

At the start of the 20th century a gambler named McCabe turns up in a mining town and creates a prosperous business with a madam named Mrs Miller. All goes well until the town's success attracts the attention of big business. Robert Altman's 1972 revisionist western is one of the best. A sedate, astute, beautiful and intensely atmospheric film with pitch perfect performances from Julie Christie & Warren Beatty.

The Fan: Friday, Talking Pictures TV @ 10.20pm

Everybody loves Sally Ross, especially Douglas. She's a famous actress and he's her biggest fan.  But the heartfelt letters he's been writing to her are being ignored and his infatuation is turning into something darker lately. Parts of this 1981 thriller have not aged well at all but it's still a suspenseful and unsettling look into the horrors dwelling in the minds of men. Lauren Bacall, James Garner and a creepy Michael Biehn are all good here.

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