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‘It’s never too late to get active’ - Limerick Sports Partnership

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter



‘It’s never too late to get active’ - Limerick Sports Partnership

It is predicated that the life expectancy rate will increase significantly by 2046 and as the population of Ireland is ageing it imperative that all are encouraged to live a healthy and active life as they grow older.

The aim of the Limerick Sports Partnership is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get involved in physical activity as a means of promoting a healthy lifestyle while having fun and socialising with other people. Physical activity is a fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle and can help improve cardio fitness, muscular endurance and bone strength. It can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases, while also being attributed to positive mental and social well-being.

Physical activity Adds life to years and years to life as up to half of the decline in function thought to be caused by ageing is actually caused by not being active. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend that people over the age of 55 years should be getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days per week.

The Limerick Sports Partnership has developed a versatile older adult programme that provides a wide range of activities to enable people of all abilities to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. Activities include swim lessons, aqua aerobics, walking programmes, Go for Life games, adapted circuit sessions, group information talks, seminars and health and wellness checks.

While we cannot meet at present to deliver these programmes, the Limerick Sports Partnership has compiled a range of exercises, videos, website links and contact information to encourage people to stay active while at home. To access these materials please visit www.limericksports.ie. The Limerick Sports Partnership is a non-for-profit organisation and therefore have subsidised a vast majority of programmes to ensure they are accessible to all.

We are always interested in hearing what people would like to see happening in Limerick so please contact us if you are your group would like to try a new activity and we will do our best to assist you where possible.

If you would like more information on the Limerick Sports Partnership, please visit www.limericksport
spartnership.ie or call 061333600.

Facilitating sport and physical activity for all

We have a part-time Sports Inclusion Development Officer (SIDO) within our Sports Development team and she splits her role between Inclusion, Walking, Healthy Eating and Community Health.
The Inclusion brief relates to supporting, informing, connecting, and educating so as much as possible, sport and physical activity is available to all those who wish to participate. We deliver programmes and activities with relevant groups, host an Inclusion Club on Saturday’s, and deliver Education courses including, Disability Awareness Training, Disability Inclusion Training and Autism and Sport.
These courses help coaches, teachers and leaders be inclusive around physical activity and sport. We are also looking forward to Launching an Inclusion Cycling Club in partnership with Greenmount Cycling Club based at Limerick Racecourse. This will happen over the coming months and we are looking forward to working with Alan, Vinnie, and Liam to develop this exciting new initiative.
For more information email info@limerick sports.ie or phone 061333600