On The Ball - 'Ain't nothing going on but the rent' - Donn O'Sullivan

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Opinion - 'Ain't nothing going on but the rent' - Donn O'Sullivan

Markets Field

Gwen Guthrie - Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent is a song from 1986. What has that got to go with the Markets Field in 2018? Let me explain.

The song contains the following lyrics:

Boy, nothin’ in life is free

That’s why I’m askin' you what can you do for me

I've got responsibilities

So I’m lookin’ for a man who’s got money in his hands

For those who might have seen 1980s comedian Eddie Murphy perform ‘RAW’ , you might remember he mentions the song, as well as the line ‘What have you done for me lately?’

This song and that piece of comedy came to mind when I was reading the social media reaction to Limerick FC's 1-1 draw with Bohemians on Friday night.

Players, management and fans alike were disappointed with the surface at the famous Limerick City venue.

Several fans — and indeed one Limerick FC player — were upset that the venue has been used in recent weeks to host rugby games.

This is where the song comes in. Some people associated with Limerick FC might think that the football club own the Markets Field. Unfortunately, for them, they do not. They merely rent the ground from the LEDP.

So, if the LEDP want to rent out the pitch to rugby, hurling, cycling on grass or tiddlywinks, then that is what they are entitled to do.

Yes, the pitch is not going to be as good as it was last season. There are more games on the turf this season for one. Yes, there is a rugby game on the pitch this week, before Limerick FC play again, but that is the nature of a municipal playing ground, which was effectively ‘gifted’ to the sporting public in Limerick. After all, there ‘ain't nothing going on but the rent’ for the people that run the Markets Field, who have to cover costs of the games that take place in their arena.

One might even allow them the chance to query, ‘what have you done for me lately?’ when facing the criticism of their patch of grass in Garryowen.

So, in my humble opinion, before giving out about the state of the field your club rents, remember that your club is merely a tenant and not the owner occupier.

There is a world of difference between the two.