Ivan Morris Column – Trump's a TV personality and actor

Ivan Morris Column – Trump's a TV personality and actor

MUTT: The sight of President Golf entering the White House reminded me of the wit and wisdom of the sage of Baltimore, one of America's finest satirists, H.L. Mencken's assertion of many moons ago that 'any man guilty of golf should be ineligible for public office and the families of the breed shipped off to a white slave colony.'

Jeff: Surely, you are not questioning the new President of the USA's commitment to golf? At least, The Donald never tried to match the performance of Kim-Jong-Un, the late, President of North Korea, who scored 9-holes-in-one in the only round he ever played when returning a 'World Record' 38-under par for 18-holes. Having declared 'complete satisfaction' with this remarkable performance, KJU retired on the spot. What about the ladies did Mencken want them banished too?

Mutt: Not enough women in politics due to the so-called glass ceiling, when they achieve equality in that sphere - maybe? It is only recently that ladies (not enough of them in golf, either) have gained a modicum of tee time equality. Women can't be blamed for the state of 'chassis' in which the world finds itself.

Jeff: Apart from the huge drop in salary, living in the White House will be a considerable downgrade for the Trump family, it will feel like a jail with all of the security and surveillance 24/7. It will drive them up the walls. Be careful what you wish for is the moral of the story.

Mutt: Having to do what you are 'told' night and day by security, the military, economic advisers and strategists, following protocols and doing things you don't really want to do but are expected from someone in high office such as meeting the Taoiseach of 'small potatoes' Ireland on St. Patrick's Day when you might prefer to be at one of your Golf Clubs enjoying a quiet game?

Jeff: Donald Trump is a TV personality and actor. I'm convinced he doesn't operate in the real world otherwise how could he say the things he says? Everything is fantasy but it is all very real now with the capability to destroy us all - physically and financially. It's very frightening because he doesn't appear balanced. There is also the possibility of the rich becoming richer in a new tax regime. The gulf between the mega rich and mere mortals may grow to a level that could cause a revolutionary civil war in the USA. With all of those guns floating about that wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Mutt: Trump has some good things going. He is pro-business and not a politician and will have no desire to be re-elected. A consummate dealmaker who usually gets what he wants, he actually has some good points. Watch out for Clare County Council backtracking and giving him permission to build a seawall to protect his property at Doonbeg. That won't be a bad thing. The people at Doonbeg will have some extra job security and the village will prosper. People at Doonbeg who have met Mr. Trump say he is well informed, focused and funny.

Jeff: The PGA Tour had a big falling out with the President-Elect during the campaign last year when Trump 'verbally attacked' Mexicans. As a result, the WGC event was taken away from Doral and Mr. Trump is reported 'not best pleased.' It's possible he could 'turn' vindictive and target the tour's 'dubious' non-profit tax status; another 'not bad thing' and long overdue but a costly legacy from retiring Commissioner Finchem's to his successor taking up office in January. European Tour CEO Keith Pelley must be laughing up his sleeve. There's no love lost between ET and PGA Tours. The animosity you see at the Hyper Cup is real.

Mutt: Much as I hate supporting Donald Trump, I like the idea that he is a non-politician. The personal greed of politicians and those at the head of organizations, both public and private has led the world into a sorry state. It bred Brexit and we may be seeing the beginnings of a dismantling of Globalization, another thing that isn't all bad. I must admit I'm a fan of Keith Pelley. ‬He has come up with some novelties lately. ‬I enjoyed the floodlight par-3 competition at the British Masters for starters.

Jeff: I still have to make up my mind on Pelley. His Hazeltine speech was juvenile but I do like the floodlit golf initiative. The short form golf idea that will be launched in Australia soon also looks promising.

Mutt: Chubby Chandler wants another go at the Hyper Cup captaincy! Chubby is pushing hard for Paul Lawrie. Lawrie could get it too because the current favourite, Thomas Bjorn, isn't exactly the most popular guy around.

Jeff: Isn't Chubby the guy who caused all the trouble between McGinty and the Dazzler, remember? He also influenced Darren Clarke to pick their mutual buddy, Lee Westwood. With so much money involved in modern sport, agents like Chubby get up in the morning with one goal - figuring out a way to get his hands on a share of the untold riches created by Hyper Cup hoopla. It was appalling that the Dazzler actually thanked him in his speech at the opening ceremony at Hazeltine. Since when does a team captain thank his agent? Chubby's fingerprints were all over Westwood's wild card selection. Looking after Lee and his own pension were behind it all - completely inappropriate.