Nearly 3,500 Limerick motorists have racked up 'at least' six penalty points

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Leader reporter


Nearly 90% of drivers are speeding in one Waterford community

According to an analysis of penalty points data by, most penalty points issued to Limerick drivers relate to speeding offences

NEARLY 3,500 Limerick motorists have accrued more than six penalty points on their driving licences, a new survey has found.

According to, a recently-launched online motor insurance broker, an analysis of penalty points data shows there were 22,288 drivers in Limerick with points on their licences as of June 2020.

Of the Limerick motorists with penalty points, 3,492 had clocked up at least six points - meaning they were halfway to the automatic disqualification limit.

"While a Limerick specific gender breakdown isn’t available for 2020, the 2019 figures reveal that 3,036 penalty point endorsements were issued to women, a figure superseded by the 5,618 endorsements issued to men," said Deirdre McCarthy of

Nationally, the data shows that over the past decade, female motorists in Ireland have received half the number of penalty
points than men.

Between 2010 and 2019 women drivers in Ireland received a total of 669,157 points while men have received 1,217,346 points – 88% more.

For women the most common penalty point offences are: speeding, holding a mobile phone, driving without a valid NCT, driving without a qualified driver and failing to obey traffic lights.

For men, the top-five penalty point offences are: speeding, holding a mobile phone, driving without reasonable consideration, driving without a valid NCT and driving without insurance. 

“Whether you’re male or female, employing safe driving behaviour on our roads is absolutely crucial, and incurring penalty points will hit you financially when it comes to renewing your car insurance policy. Motorists are rewarded for good driving behaviour by the way of lower premiums for No Claim Bonus discounts and not having penalty points," said Deirdre McCarthy.