More than 1,400 rental homes across Limerick found to be 'non-compliant'

David Hurley


David Hurley


More than 1,400 rental homes across Limerick found to be 'non-compliant'

Limerick City and County Council says 1,407 rented homes were inspected during 2016

MORE than 1,400 units of private rental accommodation in Limerick were found to be in breach of regulations when inspected by council staff last year, it can be revealed.

Limerick City and County Council has confirmed that none of the properties which were inspected during 2016 were found to be fully compliant with the relevant regulations.

While the 100% non-compliance rate within the local authority’s administrative area was highlighted in last week’s Prime Time: Nightmare to Let programme, details of the number of units inspected was not reported.

In response to queries from the Limerick Leader, a spokesperson for Limerick City and County Council confirmed that a total of 1,407 inspections of privately rented homes were carried out during 2016. 

This figure represents around 7% of the total private rental stock in Limerick meaning the local authority's rate of inspection was almost twice the national average during 2016.

There were 100% non-compliance rates in just three other counties – Kilkenny, Louth and Offaly – during 2016.

Limerick City and County Council says says the majority of the inspections carried out last year took place within the metropolitan district but that inspections were carried out right across the county.

“It is important to point out that rental stock in all areas of Limerick, rural and urban, would have been inspected as part of this process,” said a spokesperson.

While exact details of the breaches have not been disclosed, it is understood the vast majority related to relatively minor issues such as the absence of fire blankets or faulty appliances.

“The vast majority of non-compliance issues raised are resolved promptly to the satisfaction of the local authority, the landlord and the tenant,” said the council in a statement

“As can be appreciated, Limerick City and County Council has a statutory duty to enforce rental property standards while at the same time working with landlords to ensure tenancies are sustained,” added the statement.

A spokesperson for the local authority said the 1,407 inspections carried out last year does not include inspections conducted by Limerick Fire and Rescue Service.

It has not been disclosed if any proceedings were initiated against landlords relating to non-compliance issues.