Love Island: Casa amor and main villa islanders get grafting

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On tonight’s Love Island there’s plenty of grafting across the casa amor and main villa, including Rebecca and new arrival Jordan who get cosy.

It comes after the girls tease her that she’d eat avocado on toast if he made it for her, after refusing to eat it when Wallace did when she was coupled up with him. 

Rebecca jokes: “I’d rub it on my body!” 

Jordan takes Rebecca for a private chat on the sun deck and they laugh about getting up, close and personal in the cocktail making challenge.

He laughs: “It was a good ice breaker sticking my tongue down your throat. 

“I feel like as a first impression that wasn’t the one I wanted to give. I wanted to be all smooth and sexy…”. 

Rebecca jokes: “That wasn’t smooth and sexy.”

Jordan asks: “Would you let me try again?”

And as Rebecca replies “I would let you try again” is the main villa about to see its first new couple seal things with a kiss?

Meanwhile, new arrival George is also making his intentions clear to Demi. 

George says: “As soon as I walked in it was you. For me, you stand out.”

He adds: “There’s no messing about for me. I sound so cheese, but I’m laying it on thick now. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.”

Demi admits in the Beach Hut: “George definitely has the gift of the gab. Hats off to him, he is confident, he knows what he’s doing.

“My normal type is a cheeky chappie and he does pretty much fit that bill. I’m really interested to see what George pulls out the bag over the next few days.” 

And with Jess doubting Mike’s loyalty to her, she is enjoying getting to know the new boys who have entered the Main Villa. Ched makes his move on her and pulls her for a chat. Will sparks fly between the pair?

Meanwhile in casa amor, as night draws in, the bed situation becomes a hot topic of conversation. 

After Natalia speaks to Luke M about sharing a bed, he admits in the beach hut: “The fact that she pulled me and asked me to share a bed with her is so good. I’m absolutely buzzing.”

Finn jokes of Luke M and Natalia: “Signed and sealed... done.” 

Finn himself opts to sleep outside on the daybed at casa amor. And as Callum chooses to sleep in a bed with Molly and is seen putting aftershave on, he says: “Sharing a bed doesn’t mean anything. If you’re not cuddling them or spooning them.”

But Mike warns: “FYI Shaughna – she will get p****d off.”

Elsewhere in casa amor, Mike is continuing to get to know Priscilla and when they learn they both like the same food, he says: “Ahhh it’s a wife! You’re slowly becoming my favourite person in here.”

Priscilla replies: “Slowly? I thought that had already happened…” 



The villas are pitted against each other once again in today’s challenge - raunchy races. And with another party up for grabs, the islanders in the main villa are determined to win. 

Challenges are delivered by text and both villas must race to complete the task the quickest. 

And as the islanders are challenged to do things including snog based on age and height, spoon and lap dance based on the number of tattoos and where their name comes in the alphabet, we see Nas kiss Eva in casa amor, Finn suck Natalia’s toe, Ched kiss Jess and more. 

Each villa then starts to realise what the girls and boys they are coupled up with have had to do with someone else, based on their credentials… 

While some get nervous, Siânnise admits: “It made me realise even more that my head is definitely with Luke T.” 

And in Casa Amor, Callum says: “You’ve got to get involved and have a laugh, that’s what it’s all about to be honest.” 



As Molly tries to find out what Callum’s thinking, Natalia helps by starting a round of quick-fire questions. 

And when she asks if Callum would kiss Molly that evening, he’s left speechless. 

Later, he chats through his thoughts through with Finn. 

Finn asks: “What are you thinking mate? Your head is a little bit more scrambled than it was yesterday.”

Callum replies: “Absolutely. 

“I just think you can’t help how you feel. This is a test at the end of the day. It’s not like you do it out of spite.”

Finn says: “If you’re feeling Shaughna you do the best thing for that. If you’re feeling Molly, you do the best thing for that. I don’t think you’ve got to worry. I bet you didn’t expect it?”

Callum adds: “Every time she walks past I’m just like…”

Finn asks: “Do you have that with Shaughna?”

Has Callum’s head turned, or will he stay loyal to Shaughna?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One