Creative solutions from Limerick-based Hybrid Technology Partners


Creative solutions from Limerick-based Hybrid Technology Partners

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HYBRID Technology Partners, based at Mungret Street in Limerick city, is a technology company which prides itself on using IT and systems to simplify its customers processes.

A typical customer who may approach Hybrid if they need to simplify processes may have one or several of the following issues:

•Keep manual ledgers

•Prepare their sales quotes on Word

•Keep paper-based Job cards

•May have a standard off the shelf accounts package

•To see how the business is doing or to cost out jobs may take a lot of excel work and time and the data is not real-time, which means it could be irrelevant by the time it gets reviewed.

We sell an ERP package called Priority Software which is an all-encompassing package that covers everything from end to end. From Sales/CRM to Production and MRP to Logistics and full set of accounts.

We pride ourselves on giving people the ability to increase their sales, reduce the costs and give back 20% of time to be put to better use within the business or outside – that part is up to you!

What is Business Management Software?

It’s exactly as the name implies - software to help you manage your business. If you pick the right one for your business it should help support, improve and streamline all of your business processes. It helps to manage all of your core business functions in one system to save switching between programs and managing processes through various excel documents.

What kind of features would you be looking for in a Business Management Software?

• Project and task management.

• Time management and calendar.

• Document sharing and collaboration.

• Sales and CRM.

• Budget, invoice, and expense management.

• Business intelligence and dashboards.

• Accounting and financial reporting.

• Resource management.

Are you currently using different programs for each of these processes? Merging them all into one integrated business management software will save your organisation time and money along with lots of other benefits.

What are those benefits, you might ask?

A very important benefit is that it will help in securing your data. By managing all your data and information from a central secure location, you can ensure its integrity and confidentiality. Having your data on a central server or in the cloud will also help to protect against loss of data or errors occurring when transferring files.

Using a business management software will make your company more efficient. Centrally located files means everyone has access to what they need, meaning less time searching for reports for Sean in accounts or policies for Mary in HR.

As a small business, it’s fine in the beginning to use different software for different processes but as you’re trying to scale this can become unwieldy! Migrating everything to one platform will allow you to scale more easily. You’ll be able to manage employee onboarding processes more effortlessly, identify staff roles and responsibilities and have an oversight of risks and opportunities.

Using one software for all of your business processes will help you to offer a more consistent service to your customers. Firstly, you’ll be able to see reports across all departments of your organisation, understand what your ‘best’ looks like and then repeat these methods consistently.

It can help you have a better relationship with your customers. Using a business management software can help you provide more accurate delivery dates and have better customer service. Your customers will enjoy a better experience.

Simply, it will make your employees happier! When everyone has access to the information they need, at the time they need it, they will be less frustrated, less errors and less chaos! Your employees will be happier in their roles leading to a more productive and efficient working environment.

If you are interested in a demo please feel free to contact us by emailing info@hybridTP.ie or see hybridTP.ie.