Escape to the country: Limerick Auctioneer reports big increase in demand for homes in the countryside

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


 Escape to the country: Limerick Auctioneer reports big increase in demand for homes in the countryside

Mary Scanlon had offers within days for this four-bedroom detached houses ay Clashganniff, Shanagolden

TRADITIONALLY houses in the countryside and in county towns and villages were generally seen as the poor relation compared to the city. Not anymore, says auctioneer, Mary Scanlon.

Ms Scanlon went into auctioneering in 2008 when many others were getting out due to the bust. In her 13 years in the business, she has never seen the interest and demand that is there currently.

“During the boom years of 2005, 2006, 2007 there was probably more properties but now properties are getting scarce. Sale prices are going up and up.

“Definitely, in the last six months there is a big increase in prices and since Christmas property has been flying,” said Ms Scanlon.

The Rathkeale-based auctioneer gives a couple of examples of houses on her books. First up is 65 Woodfield Grove, Newcastle West - a four bedroom detached house.

“I’ve had it a week and I’ve had an offer on it already. It would be unusual to get an offer that soon.

“It's in a lovely quiet estate. The current owners kept the house immaculately. I expect that it will be available for a very short time before it is snapped up,” said Mary.

Another example she gives is of a four bedroom detached house in Clashganniff, Shanagolden. She put it up two weeks ago and again had an offer on it within days,

“It is the freedom of the country that is attracting people as well as the value. All of a sudden they have discovered that if there is good broadband in a property they can work from home. It is an opportunity people didn't see before – they don't have to live near the city for work.

“There is great demand from people relocating from Dublin who can work from home and people who are renting. People are fed up of renting. Rent has gone sky high and it is impossible to get a place,” said Ms Scanlon. A third example she gives is a home that has gone sale agreed in recent weeks.

All Ms Scanlon will say is that it is in west Limerick. “It started at €340,00 and within eight days went to €420,000. Three bidders were involved before it was whittled down to two.

“There has been very little houses built in the last 12 months. There is big demand for good properties,” said Ms Scanlon, who is looking forward to when viewings can happen again when the Covid restrictions are lifted.