More gardaí than protesters at 'freedom walk' in Limerick

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


More gardaí than protesters at 'freedom walk' in Limerick

Arthur's Quay park looked like any other Sunday apart from extra gardaí / Picture: Brendan Gleeson

THERE were more gardaí at a planned "freedom walk" than protesters in Limerick city this Easter Sunday this afternoon.

Organised by RiseUp Eireann, it was due to start at 2pm in Arthur's Quay Park.

From well before 2pm there were around a dozen uniformed and plain clothes gardai in the area. However, no walk or speeches commenced. Traffic Corps and Armed Support vehicles were also seen in the vicinity.

Walkers passed by on the riverfront, children played on scooters while their parents discussed what was and wasn't open in town. It was like every other Sunday afternoon apart from the increased garda presence.

As well as Limerick, RiseUp Eireann said "freedom walks" were taking place in "Dublin, Galway, Waterford, Clare, Kerry, Cork, Sligo and everywhere".

To publicise the event, RiseUp Eireann said: "It is time the lockdowns were ended. There is no excuse for these over zealous lockdowns. They are nothing to do with health and have everything to do with control. It is our right to meet, travel freely and continue normal life.

"The government have no intention of letting us have our lives back. They are already talking about turning all the rural pubs into remote working offices. In other words this is permanent. The promise of freedom through vaccines is a false one. They have no intention of doing that. The vaccines agenda is simply all about the vaccine passport and excuse to control all your movements. It is time to realise this is tyranny and all the state forces are eagerly enforcing this in their own vindictive way.

"It is time to wake up and stop the fear. It is time to live life again."

It is not known how the other "freedom walks" went.