My Limerick: Hazey Haze — 'Limerick’s biggest problem facing it today is suicide'

My Limerick: Hazey Haze — 'Limerick’s biggest problem facing it today is suicide'

What’s your idea of a perfect day, or a perfect weekend, in Limerick?

The perfect day/weekend In Limerick for me would be what I do most days, head to the Island Field to see friends and family and just relax and write (ye probably can't do this) or seeing some live music bands/open mic etc in one of the many venues in town. There's always something on.

What’s your first Limerick memory?

All of my memories are of Limerick as I've never really left but if I had a favourite first it would be winning the GAA final in the Gaelic grounds in school. ‘Twas tear-jerking, if I may say so. Apart from that there's other memory's that are not so nice.

What’s your favourite part of the county and why?

My favourite part of Limerick is all along the Shannon, Banks/Canals/Bridges etc I was reared on an island surrounded by the Shannon so I find it homey to myself even though I’ve lost so many family members and friends due to suicide. It’s still my favourite part of Limerick, Unfortunately.

What do you think gives Limerick its unique identity?

I think it’s the struggle and the bad name that we’ve carried for so long that stands to us. We know what being looked down on feels like, being nicknamed Stab City and being ignored by the government when it comes to mental health. Limerick will always stand as one. We’re the proud Irish and we know what we deserve as there's more talent in this county than there is in the country. Fact!

Do you have a favourite local restaurant?

Stix Restaurant on Nicholas St, Island field spot. Best grub in town. Ask anyone that has been there, from tourists that travel from all over to see King John’s Castle next door, to lads you’d see on the paper or in a Paul Williams Crime Lord book enjoying the lovely food Of Stix side by side.

How would you describe the people of Limerick?

The people of Limerick are like characters from a book you couldn't write in a million lifetimes. Limerick people are unique to me, they just have that different mindset of *We are all in this together*. Honestly I’ve never met anyone outside of Limerick with a heart as big as one from there. Fact!

How important do you think sport is to Limerick?

Sports is one of the most important parts of Limerick from rugby/ football/ GAA/boxing, etc it's all we had growing up. It’s the only thing that kept us off the roads as kids, kept us from getting into trouble. Me, I’m not much of a sport player, but it’s a massive part of Limerick and we need more resources for it also because it’s still all that the young people have today.

What’s the biggest challenge facing the city/county today?

As everyone in the country knows Limerick’s biggest problem facing it today and for a long time is suicide. We’re the highest-rated for suicide in the whole country; that can’t change unless there’s help given. To be honest, I’m tired of writing songs about family and friends in the river. It’s become a norm when a body is lost; if I'm been honest I don't think we even hear the helicopter anymore. But as Limerick people what do we still do? Stand proud because we know our time is coming.