Letter to editor of Limerick Leader - No country for old people

Letter to editor of Limerick Leader - No country for old people

Pelting eggs and other anti-social behaviour is not confined to Halloween, says a reader who wrote a letter to the editor of the Leader

RURAL fear is gripping so many people. Because this fear is so intense, we had the awful tragic accident near Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo, some months ago. Closer to home a farmer in County Limerick was also attacked recently.

Is downsizing and moving into an estate the solution? Certainly not.

Today I am thanking God it is wet and windy. Children are all indoors. Do my elderly parents enjoy fine weather? No.

 Why? Because there are children roaming unsupervised around the estate up to 10pm. They range in age from three to 16. No consideration for private property. Toys, bikes and tricycles everywhere, and left out for days.

My parents worry about their car in the driveway and are afraid to drive out anywhere in case a child would run out in front of them. They also worry about being taunted - children calling their names repeatedly.

We need designated play areas for children in estates. An adult must supervise children at play. They must be taught at a very young age to respect the elders - just leave them alone, and stay off other people’s property.

Retirement villages are not the answer for everyone. Some people like to own their home; especially people who were renting for years.

Every Halloweeen, I have to invite my parents to stay with us. It’s not convenient because we don’t have room, but it’s easier than spending time on the phone making sure they are all right in their home. They get upset over eggs pelted off their home. This is now an all year round act of anti-social behaviour.

A community garda who would walk around estates and knock on doors and ask is everything is alright would be a big help; as well  support from CCTV monitoring. If these security measures were in place, elderly people might be enticed to downsize and move from the dangers of rural to the safety of urban living.

Our country is fast becoming... No country for old people.