Limerick doctor urges women in business to support each other

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Limerick doctor urges women in business to support each other

More mentoring: Dr Mary Ryan delivered her message at a Network Ireland event

WOMEN in business need to empower themselves more and be better mentors.

That’s the view of Dr Mary Ryan, a consultant endocrinologist at Barrington’s Hospital, who has called on women in business to be better mentors.

She was speaking at a Network Ireland Limerick end of summer barbecue event hosted by the Clayton Hotel.

Dr Ryan used several case studies to explain the detrimental impact hectic lifestyles are having on everyone and the impact of fatigue and burnout on women’s health with long-term consequences such as thyroid problems, infertility or stroke.

Citing examples of women she has met with very high professional self-esteem but very low personal self-esteem, she called on women in business to respect themselves more and demand more respect from others and become better mentors for the next generation of young girls.

A regular speaker on the importance of empowerment, equality and living a healthy lifestyle, Dr Ryan wants women to value themselves more and avoid exhaustion.

“We need to empower ourselves more. Women need to slow down long enough to understand their own needs and build a more respectful relationship with themselves and others to prevent stress and burnout,” she said.

Catriona O’Donoghue, president of Network Ireland Limerick, said, “Women are notorious for juggling too many balls in the air and trying to do too much. Dr Mary Ryan gave us all a stark warning and so much valuable advice on how we can slow down and avoid burnout.”

Network Ireland Limerick supports the professional and personal development of women in business, the professions and the arts. It is supported by Limerick’s Local Enterprise Office.