County Limerick parish puts on not one but three events for Milford 

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


County Limerick parish puts on not one but three events for Milford 

Dancing, bingo and coffee the three ingredients to Cappamore's fundraising efforts for Milford this month

THE people of Cappamore certainly appreciate Milford Hospice, and say thank you every year, not once, twice but three times.

Every September, the community comes together to hold three fundraisers for the charity. The first two take place on Thursday, September 19 with a bingo night in the hall and coffee evening in O’Dwyer’s bar.

Cappamore bingo is holding a special 3,000 bingo at 8.30pm. Tommie Ryan, of the committee, said the night is well supported every year as everyone knows that Milford provides such important care.

“Cappamore bingo continues to be one of the best bingo nights in Munster with prize money each Thursday night of €2,750 including €500 jackpot full house. It started in 1973 and patrons travel from parts of Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Cork.

“Eddie Murphy, Pat Fogarty and Mary Murphy have been part of the committee for all the years and more people have joined since to help out every Thursday night,” said Mr Ryan.

Pat Fogarty, chairman of the Cappamore Development Association (CDA), said: “It is a great social night for patrons.”

Noel Glesson, CDA treasurer, said new members are always welcome. There will be lots of raffle prizes including hampers prepared by Josephine O’Donoghue.

Ollie Dillon, CDA secretary, said they are very grateful to the bingo committee for all their work down through the years and helping the CDA to provide a top class hall / sports complex and fantastic day care centre run by Liz grant and her great staff.

At 8pm, O’Dwyer’s coffee evening commences. A big crowd from the bingo always comes in afterwards and Kathleen O’Dwyer puts on an unrivalled spread of food and desserts.

“I started it in 2000. Every year we raise around €4,000 so we have donated between €70,000 and €80,000. There isn’t a family out there who haven’t been helped by Milford. Every year a new family comes in and gives us an envelope.

“It’s a great community night for a very good cause,” said Kathleen, who thanked all her staff and attendees for their help for the past 19 years.

The third fundraiser is John O’Neill’s annual harvest dance in Hayes’ on Saturday, September 28 with music by Take 5 - a country and Irish band from Wexford. This is John’s ninth year raising funds for Milford and every year his dance has been a great success. Any prizes or donations would be welcomed by all three events.