Survey finds River Shannon in Limerick is 'moderately littered'

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Ibal survey on River Shannon

The River Shannon, between Limerick and UL, is 'moderately littered' according to Ibal | Picture: Flickr/William Murphy

THE RIVER Shannon by the University of Limerick is "moderately littered", according to a survey published this week. 

The Irish Business Against Litter (Ibal) survey inspected 42 water bodies across the country, including popular beaches, harbours and rivers, and found that just 16% of waterways and coastal areas were clean. 

While the riverway in Limerick has received negative feedback from the survey, it is an improvement on last year's findings when it was given a "littered" status. 

There are only seven waterways that are "clean to European norms", which include Salthill beach in Galway, Seapoint beach in Dublin and the River Shannon in Leitrim. 

In its inspection of Shannon in UL, An Taisce's environmental education unit said that much of the overall area was clean "but there was a wide variety of scattered single litter items - most notably in the hedgegrows, along the path and scatterings around beach area. 

"The overall impression was of a well-maintained environment. Anti-litter and dog foul signage would be good - particularly at the beach."

Ibal's Conor Horgan said that the survy is about protecting tourism and recreational assets, but equally about"global impact and our future".