Love Island - Maura  a bit OTT? A bit loud? 

Love Island - Maura  a bit OTT? A bit loud? 

Maura and Tom appear to be getting on great...or are they?

Having put their Hideaway drama behind them, Maura and Tom get on track, and seize a private moment to discuss their recoupling. 

Maura tells him: “Your speech was so cute. Did you not see I was trying not to smile too much. You did impress I have to say.” 

With that, the pair lean in for a kiss. 

From a distance, Molly-Mae and Tommy then spot the clinch, with Molly-Mae declaring: 

“There’s literally a bedroom right there.” 

Excited about the direction things are heading in, Maura updates the Beach Hut on where things stand between them: 

“Now we’re coupled up we’ll see how things go. I think myself and him are very excited to share a bed together for the first time. Have a little bit of a cuddle and see where things go. Things are looking really good at the moment.”

However, the next day, Tom shares his concerns about Maura with Jordan: 

“You never know do you? If another girl comes in that makes a beeline for me and she’s fit and she ticks all my boxes. The thing with me and Maura is, between me and you, she doesn’t necessarily tick all my boxes. She’s a bit OTT, she’s a bit too loud and attention seeking and sometimes that’s not me. She makes me cringe a little bit. On the other side, I enjoy her banter, I enjoy the energy. So I can’t have it all my own way.” 

Is Tom starting to have second thoughts? 


Animosity spreads throughout the villa in the wake of Yewande’s dumping as the girls turn against Danny and question his decision to couple up with Arabella over Yewande. 

As Yewande packs her bags, Danny retreats from the group. 

Tom hurries after him and offers some words of consolation: 

“Listen, emotions are high tonight, right. Just listen, don’t take anything too seriously tonight. Emotions are high. There’ll be a lot of things said, there’ll be a lot of back-handed comments. Don’t take them too literally, don’t hold onto them. Things move so fast in here and you’ve done you. Don’t think about other people’s personalities. You’ve done you. I think you’ve made the right decision. Categorically you’ve done nothing wrong. Keep thinking positive. It’s easier said than done.”

Facing a backlash from the majority of the female islanders, most notably Yewande’s good friends Amber and Anna, Danny protests: 

“It’s just unfortunate how people can hold a grudge for me doing what’s best for myself.”

With Anton, Lucie and Arabella rallying around Danny, Anton outlines the situation in the Beach Hut: 

“There is definitely a divide since Yewande left. I think people need to remember that these decisions aren’t easy to make. And we’ve not made them out of nastiness for anyone, we’ve made these decisions which are best for us and people shouldn’t put so much pressure on it.” 

Anna meanwhile gives her perspective on Danny’s decision to choose Arabella: 

“Arabella’s been here for a couple of days and somehow she’s managed to worm her way into Danny. I feel like Yewande deserved better.” 


The drama heightens though as Danny and Arabella share a kiss in full view of the other Islanders. 

Their embrace doesn’t get a positive reaction from Amber either, who vents in the Beach Hut: 

“I just think people can talk all they like but actions speak louder than words and I think that Arabella and Danny are conducting themselves in such a bad way that I just feel like ‘what do I have in common with you?’ It just doesn’t sit right with me.”

The kiss causes further backlash when, spotting Danny talking in the kitchen, Amber calls him over to the daybeds. 

Amber - “Is there a problem? Just checking, it just looks like there’s an issue.” 


With the tension palpable throughout the villa, Amber challenges Danny for a second time when she suspects he is still talking about her and the other girls. 

“I just want to say I gave you an opportunity to squash anything there so don’t say anything further about the situation unless it’s directly to those people over there.” 

Danny - “If I’ve got something to say, I’ll say it to your face.” 

Amber - “Not just to me, to everyone that was there.” 

Danny - “I’m not shy of saying things to anybody. You have my word, if I’ve got a problem I’ll bring it to all of you.” 

Amber - “Your word doesn’t really mean that much at this point does it? You’re giving me your word when your word means f*** all.” 

 Outraged by Amber’s reaction, Danny questions her behaviour in the Beach Hut: 

“She’s acted very immaturely in my opinion. I just think it reflects poorly on her. You definitely saw the 21 year old in her just now.”

Arabella becomes embroiled into the conflict when she steps in to defend Danny, saying to the group: 

“You do realise all of us are going to get tested in here, you do realise that? You will get tested, you will get tested.” 

This further riles Amber, who responds: 

“I know what I signed up to, thanks for enlightening us though. I didn’t know before you said that.” 

Discussing the events further in the Beach Hut, Amber remarks: 

“They decided to kiss in front of everybody and then acted like it wasn’t going to be an issue and that doesn’t sit right with me.” 

Danny admits he’s hoping for the calm to be restored over the next 24 hours: 

“I really do hope that the dust has settled a bit tomorrow. I understand that things are a bit raw and a bit fresh. The bottom line is some of the girls in this villa have lost a really good friend. That can’t be hidden, it can’t be forgotten and it should be respected. I will be respecting of that.”


Molly-Mae remains coy the following morning when Maura asks what was going on between her and Tommy. 

Maura – “There was something going down.”

Molly-Mae – “There wasn’t, there really wasn’t.” 

However, when Tommy prepares to go to the terrace for a conversation with Curtis, Molly-Mae becomes anxious as to what their topic of conversation might be. 

As Tommy wonders off, Molly-Mae shares her concerns with Michael: 

“Because obviously we’ve been doing bits. I’ve denied, denied it, denied it. And I know that as soon as he cracks a smile, that’s it. And I know what he’s like.” 

As Tommy and Curtis’ conversation upstairs continues, Molly-Mae urges Amy to find out what Tommy has said to Curtis: 

“Can you find out if he’s said anything please? Because if he did I’ll be livid.”

When Tommy finally emerges, he reassures Molly-Mae that his lips have been sealed: 

“I’m not like that, I don’t need to brag about it.” 

Did Tommy spill the beans? 


Having kept a distance from Amber and Anna since Yewande’s departure, Anton is eager to clear the air with both, telling the Beach Hut: 

“I have really good friendships with both of the girls, Anna and Amber. I think they were disappointed in me that I never went to make sure they were OK when their best friend left which is totally understandable.” 

Anna however remains unconvinced as to why Anton chose to couple up with Lucie: 

“I just feel like Lucie found that here. And he’s waiting for her on the outside.” 

Anton insists though that Lucie’s head may still be turned, responding: 

“But what she’s basically told me is that she hasn’t.” 

Is Lucie ready for romance once again? 


Anna’s reaction to Yewande’s departure has a knock on effect as Jordan calls her out on her behaviour towards Danny. 

With Anna urging Danny to go away during his argument with Amber, Jordan insists she is being childish. 

These remarks rile Anna further, who tells the Beach Hut: 

“Jordan’s in the background like ‘you’re pathetic, you’re childish.’ Mate, you’ve only been here for less than a week. Who are you to be saying this to me? You have no idea how I feel inside right now. You don’t know what I’m going through.”

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