Local Area Plan for Limerick suburb adopted despite objections

David Hurley


David Hurley

The Castletroy Local Area Plan runs to hundreds of pages

The Castletroy Local Area Plan runs to hundreds of pages

THE Castletroy Local Area Plan was adopted by members of the Metropolitan District despite opposition from several councillors.

The wide-ranging plan, which runs to hundreds of pages, envisages the population of Castletroy increasing from 14,700 to almost 27,000 by 2040.

Tens of thousands of people, who either live or work in Castletroy or who attend the University of Limerick, will be affected by the plan which will feed into the County Development plan and the National Planning Framework which was adopted by government earlier this year.

There are detailed proposals relating to transport, industry and retail within the Castletroy and Annacotty area which encompasses 11.2 square kilometres.

Following a public consultation process, a number of amendments were proposed by planners and the final plan was before Monday’s meeting of the Metropolitan District.

Cllr Seighin O’Ceallaigh, who was one of three members to vote against the plan said it was “Celtic Tiger stuff” which will ensure the housing crisis continues.

While supporting the Local Area Plan, Cllr Marian Hurley said there are continuing concerns in relation to the lack of infrastructure in the Castletroy and Annacotty areas given the daily volumes of traffic.

A number of councillors welcomed the plan saying it will allow for the development of the so-called Parkway Valley site as well as the proposed Educate Together secondary school at Groody Link Road.

Cllr Joe Leddin said the plan is “hugely important” in the context of giving certainty in relation to the development of the area while Cllr John Gilligan noted there was “absolutely no guarantee” that zoned lands would be developed during the lifetime of the plan.

During the discussion, senior planner Maria Woods confirmed the Northern Distributor Road was not considered in the plan as it does not pass through the Castletroy area.

She added the Local Area Plan will be reviewed in two years in the context of the new County Development Plan.

Following a lengthy discussion, a vote was called with 14 members voting in favour of the plan and three voting against it.

Those who voted against were Cllr Seighin O’Ceallaigh, Cllr John Costelloe and Cllr Malachy McCreesh.