Limerick’s supporters urged to answer Call of the Wild 

Norma Prendiville


Norma Prendiville

Hockey Wolrd cup World silver medallist, Róisín Upton, picked Kilteery Pier for her answer to Call of the Wild

Hockey Wolrd cup World silver medallist, Róisín Upton, picked Kilteery Pier for her answer to Call of the Wild

LIMERICK could make its mark and stake a greater claim on the highly successful Wild Atlantic Way with some well-chosen photographs or videos.

That is the promise being held out by a new campaign, Call of the Wild, which is part of of a new global social media campaign to promote the Wild Atlantic Way, one of the runaway successes of Irish tourism since it was launched some years ago.

The  campaign is inviting local people to photograph or video their chosen  “hidden gems” along the Limerick leg of the Wild Atlantic, which stretches from the Kerry border through Glin, Loughill and on to Foynes. They are being asked to promote these hidden gems on their own social media platforms but all photos and videos will be captured under the hashtag #MyWildAtlanticWay.

The photos and videos are intended  to promote the beauty of Limerick’s coast as a holiday destination.

The best photos and videos will be shared by Tourism Ireland on its social platforms with millions of potential holidaymakers around the world.

Tourism Ireland has around 4.3 million Facebook fans worldwide, almost 500,000 followers on Twitter and 425,000 followers on Instagram.

Launching the Call of the Wild initiative, the Kerry TD and Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin, said: “This is the first of a number of regional tourism initiatives made possible due to the increased funding in tourism.  From stunning landscapes to exquisite food, there are many hidden gems along the Wild Atlantic Way known to Limerick locals, but undiscovered by the rest of the world.”

To launch the initiative in Limerick, Fáilte Ireland has teamed up with Hockey World Cup silver medallist Roisin Upton to answer the ‘Call of the Wild’ by sharing some of her favourite destinations across her social media accounts, encouraging her followers to follow suit and share their own favourites.

“Limerick combines a natural beauty with a rich history that makes me proud to be from this county.

“Kilteery Pier and Foynes, are truly gems along the Wild Atlantic Way. I have travelled the globe with my sport but I’m always glad to be home in a county of such a rich heritage, both in a cultural and sporting sense,” she said.    

To answer the Call, take that photo, or make that video and let the magic of Limerick sing out, whether through landscape, seascape, food, culture or heritage. The ultimate hope is that it will secure for Limerick a share of the huge and increased tourist traffic generated by the Wild Atlantic Way label.