Special event as ‘Blessing of Animals’ to take place in Limerick city school

Jess Casey


Jess Casey

A Blessing of Animals will take place on Saturday

A Blessing of Animals will take place on Saturday

PET OWNERS are invited to bring their loyal and trusted friends along for a very special religious event to take place in Limerick this weekend.

Limerick Animal Welfare (LAW), in conjunction with the Church of Ireland Limerick City Parish, have arranged for a ‘Blessing of Animals’ to take place on Saturday October 13 at 2,30pm in St. Michael’s Primary School. 

The animal-welfare charity believes it is quite a number of years since a ceremony like this has taken place in Limerick, according to Rev Paul Fitzpatrick, curate of St Mary’s Cathedral. 

“So with the cooperation of Limerick Animal Welfare, the clergy and the parish community, a lively and fitting service is once again offered,” Rev Fitzpatrick said. “We invite owners of pets to come along with their dependable, loyal, trusted and faithful friends for the occasion,” he added. 

“Of course the  safety and the welfare of all will be paramount. The site will be well marshalled on the day.

“It is noted also that city hall and an garda siochana  are encouraging and supporting the event. A very special thank you is extended to St. Michael's National School for their support and assistance.” 

 LAW has a ‘No Kill’ policy which means it provides a ‘safe haven for stray, abused and abandoned animals’ until a suitable home can be found.  If a suitable home is not found, animals stay in LAW’s care for their lifetime, according to the charity. 

Running costs for the 27-acre LAW sanctuary in Kilfinane total approximately €60,000 per month.  “We have only a core staff and depend very much on volunteers,” a LAW spokesperson said.

“We now run three charity shops in the city which bring in a third of our expenses and are ran by volunteers, which is wonderful. Without these shops we could not have raised a loan from the bank to complete phase two at the Sanctuary.”

“In 2003/2004 we purchased 27 acres of land in Kilfinane, with a interest free loan from a very kind supporter, and set about building phase one of our Sanctuary that we call ‘the field of dreams’. We now have completed phase two.”