Riverfest Limerick: Take the chance to get to know the river at city's core

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery

Nevsail is promising a series of fun and action-packed activities on the water

Nevsail is promising a series of fun and action-packed activities on the water

AT ITS core, Limerick's Riverfest is about one thing; the River Shannon.

And while there are many events that bring you to the river, there are few that bring you right on it.

But that’s exactly what Nevsail is promising this May bank holiday weekend, with a series of fun and action-packed activities on the water.

“We’re doing kayaking tours during the day, kayaking tours at night, even the night of the fireworks. For the night tours as well we’ve got boats that fit six or seven people,” said Dave Neville of Nevsail.

“We have taster sessions, they are around 45 minutes - we call them a splash and dash session - and they’re around €10-€15 per person. You get to try out kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, boating and we have zorb balls too.”

Water zorbing is an activity that involves going inside a giant, clear ball and bouncing around on the water. Inside the ball, you can walk, run, or just stand on water. Children from 5+ are welcome to try out this activity.

“We are also running a ‘war on the weir’ competition on the Saturday May 5 from 2pm. It’s a kayaking competition. Kayakers from all over Ireland come down, they go off the ramp and do some freestyle tricks and go over the weir. It’s a spectacle of kayaking and it’s all happening down behind the Hunt Museum,” said Dave.

Even though the activities are on the water, you don’t have to be a very strong swimmer to take part.

In fact, all you need is some confidence in the water, said Dave.

“For the taster sessions and kayak tours, you don’t have to be a strong swimmer or a fantastic swimmer.

“We’re more concerned that you would have water confidence, that you wouldn’t have a huge fear of water.

“They are sit-on-top kayaks, so you don’t get caught in them. A lot of beginners have a fear that you will be stuck in the kayak if you capsize. These are open top kayaks so you are totally free,” he said.

“But 95% of the time, you don’t capsize unless you actually want to. Once you have a bit of water confidence, that you’re okay and you’re comfortable - and you have a life jacket on as well - then we’re happy to take you.”

The kayak tours are taking place from Friday to Sunday, and more information can be seen at www.nevsailwatersports.ie.