Irish Water to continue with scheme to pump the River Shannon at Parteen Basin

Jess Casey


Jess Casey

Irish Water to pursue scheme to pump the River Shannon at Parteen Basin Picture: Irish Water

Irish Water to pursue scheme to pump the River Shannon at Parteen Basin Picture: Irish Water

IRISH Water is “satisfied beyond doubt” that its proposal to pump 300 million litres of water daily from the River Shannon at Parteen Basin is critical to meet the future water demands of the Greater Dublin area. 

The company has now published a summary of 46 submissions it received during the 2015 consultation process into the Water Supply Project, which plans to abstract water from the Parteen Basin and pipe it roughly 170km to Peamount in County Dublin. 

A wide range of issues were raised including the need for the project, the current rate of leakage for Dublin's pipes, alternative options, planning, environmental issues and the cost and funding. 

“The future water needs of Dublin and the Midlands cannot be met by fixing leaks alone,” head of asset management with Irish Water Sean Laffey said. 

“Leakage in the Greater Dublin Area network is at 36% and there are 9,000km of water pipes with over 600,000 connections.” 

Irish Water is rolling out a leakage reduction programme, he added. 

“However, this cannot keep pace with growth needs,” he said, adding that this figure does not take extreme weather events, such as the drought that affected the Midlands in 2017 or the multiple water shortages that followed Storm Emma, into account. 

“Irish Water is now satisfied beyond doubt that the preferred Parteen Basin option is the correct scheme and its delivery is critical for the future. This option will bring the widest benefit to the greatest number of people with the least environmental impact and in the most cost effective manner.” 

As part of its public consultation, Irish Water held 8 public open days along the route of the pipe in 2015; had two briefing days for Oireachtas members and 5 councillor briefings; held more than fifty briefings with stakeholder groups; had 6 landowner information evenings for the 500 landowners along the route; and sought responses from the public through 36 media advertisements. 

The feedback received and Irish Water’s response is available on the project website

Irish Water is currently preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment Report and Natura Impact Statement, which will also present the results of ongoing environmental investigations and consultations.