Limerick historian honoured with 'Heritage Hero' award

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Limerick historian honoured with 'Heritage Hero' award

Sharon Slater with her award

LIMERICK Chronicle historian Sharon Slater has been chosen as the Heritage Council’s Heritage Hero of 2017 this Thursday.

Sharon, who was selected out of a long-list of 122 entries, received the accolade at the Medieval Mile Museum in Dublin for her outstanding contribution to the protection and promotion of heritage in Ireland. 

Sharon was commended for “bringing history to life for the people of Limerick”. 

The historian, who unearths significant moments of Limerick’s history in the Limerick Chronicle every week, said she was in “shock” when she was informed of her award. 

“They let me know that there a few people who put my name forward. I would like to thank them for taking the time to do that. Limerick history has been my passion for such a long time that I cannot remember when I wasn't interested in it.

“Luckily I am standing on the shoulders of giants when it comes to history in Limerick, from John Ferrar who wrote the first history of Limerick in 1767 to the incredibly prolific historians such as Kevin Hannan and Jim Kemmy.

“Luckily when I began my research too long ago to mention there were a number of helping hands to guide me along the way, without the likes of Frank Prendergast I would have stopped researching a long time ago. Limerick is unique when it comes to history and how it can be accessed, this is down to the likes of the Limerick Library, Limerick Museum and Limerick Archives who have put large portions of their collections online.”

Ms Slater added: “This has made my work as a historian a lot easier than it would be if I had fallen in love with the story of another city. From the coal holes to the cathedrals Limerick history is everywhere and for me it has been a pleasure to explore it.”