Purpose built €5.5m community for dementia sufferers opens in County Limerick

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Carebright’s state-of-the-art dementia facility in Bruff

Carebright’s state-of-the-art dementia facility in Bruff

A forward thinking plan by CareBright to build Ireland’s first purpose built community for people living with dementia has come to fruition in County Limerick.

The facility in Bruff, which cost €5.5m, is now open. 

Majella Murphy, business development manager, said this new and innovative approach is an option when choosing long term care and will come in under the Fair Deal Approval Scheme.

CareBright will create a “safe, happy and energising environment which will enhance the lives of everyone who experiences the community”.

“It is beautifully designed for people living with dementia, the community has three bungalows, each containing six private rooms and communal living spaces and gardens. The space and design of each bungalow is pivotal in enabling residents to feel a great sense of belonging, comfort and security,” said Ms Murphy.

“The community also focuses very strongly on the outdoors.  The expansive four acre space has a large kitchen garden, sensory and remembrance gardens, outdoor seating areas, boithrin “little road” style walkways and animal sanctuary. The community is a lifestyle choice based on a social approach to care. CareBright Community provides a warm supportive environment for people living with dementia,” said Ms Murphy.

Currently over 48,000 people are living with dementia in Ireland which will increase to over 141,000 by 2041.Despite common misconceptions, dementia is not an age-related disease with 4,066 people under the age of 65 living with dementia in Ireland.

“At the CareBright Community, we are drawing from the 20 years of experience in supporting people living with dementia in the community. Our open plan household design aims to enhance a positive living experience, whilst promoting independence within a supportive environment.  

“The community living spaces are now open and accepting new residents. Later in 2018, the community hub with the Yarn Café, social day care, sensory room, hairdressing salon and gym will open its doors providing vital support to residents and the wider community to include,” said Ms Murphy.

If readers are interested in being part of the CareBright community or want to know more about the innovative project, please contact Nisha Joy on 085 2525496 or njoy@carebright.ie

CareBright is a social enterprise founded in 1998. With their 270 staff they provide best practice homecare to over 700 clients adding societal value to the community throughout Munster. Sixty per cent of the people they care for are living with dementia.