Big reaction to Abbeyfeale traffic plan 

Norma Prendiville


Norma Prendiville


Big reaction to Abbeyfeale traffic plan 

Over 170 submissions were made on the draft plan by the closing date on February 8.

SUBSTANTIAL changes are likely to be made to the proposed Traffic Management Plan for Abbeyfeale following a huge number of submissions from the public and intensive representation by local councillors.

Now, a new proposal has come to the fore, to  buy and demolish a property on Main Street which would allow off-street parking for at least 24 vehicles.

In addition, it is understood, the proposal in the draft plan to run a one-way traffic lane between the Grove Crescent public car park and the Cedarville housing estate has been thrown out.

“I am delighted this proposal to run a new road from the car park to Cedarville  has been knocked on the head,” local councillor Liam Galvin FG said this week. But he welcomed the new proposal to buy a substantial property on the Main St which would allow vehicular access to off-street parking. “If we can create that car-park, close to the town centre and to the businesses, I think it will be very, very positive for the town,” he said. “It will be the making of the town.”

The proposals are part of a wider plan which will see modifications to the  lane widths along the N21 through the town and a revised parking layout with  new footpaths and a new road surface from Mountmahon to the Killarney road. Coach parking is also included in the plan.  

Getting the parking right and securing more off-street parking are crucial to the success of the plan, Sinn Fein’s Cllr Seamus Browne said.

The draft Traffic Management Plan went on public display late last year and there had been over 170 submissions made by the closing date on February 8.

The creation of a road through Cedarville to Grove Crescent was a big cause of concern in many of the submissions but car-park spaces also figured heavily.

A previous traffic plan for the  town had to be jettisoned because of opposition from townspeople, primarily on the grounds that provision for parking wasn’t adequate.

However, in the years since, the Council has acquired a number of properties in the town which, if demolished, will open a number of possibilities for parking and for free-flow of traffic.

One of these properties is on Main Street and the plan proposes to “modify” this to provide a pedestrian link between the street and the public car park at Grove Crescent. Another property at the  junction of Colbert Terrace and New Street will, if demolished, allow for road widening there, which is what is proposed in the new plan.

The plan also proposes new traffic lights and pedestrian crossings at Joys Corner and at the Fire Station with new coach “set-downs” along the Main Street.

Coach parking is also to be provided at the rear of Main St.