Limerick senator backs proposed new law to let waiting staff keep their tips

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


LImerick senator backs bill to let waiting staff keep their tips

A Limerick-based senator is seeking support for a bill that will make it illegal for an employer to withhold tips from an employee. 

The Protection Of Employee Tips Bill, a proposed piece of legislation from Sinn Fein, will give workers in the hospitality sector a legal right to keep their tips.

The hospitality sector is a crucial part of Limerick’s local economy, employing thousands of people across the city and county, according to Sinn Fein senator Paul Gavan. 

“This Bill will make a real difference to a great many people and give them some badly needed protection with regard to a vital part of their earnings,” Senator Gavan said, speaking ahead of the passage of the bill this Wednesday.

The Bill requires employers to display their tipping policy either on their menu or in another suitable manner so that customers have transparency with regard to whom and how their tip is distributed.

“This is a simple Bill which would give protection to employees who work in a sector dominated by low pay and precarious work contracts and practices.”

“Good employers have nothing to fear from this Bill, as they will already be passing on their tips to their employees. The Bill will also do nothing to change current revenue rules, so there’s no downside to this unless you happen to be a bad employer.”