'Water came up through the floors': Limerick home flooded

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Joe and Eileen Whelan came back from Mass to find their home in Cappamore flooded

Joe and Eileen Whelan came back from Mass to find their home in Cappamore flooded

A COUNTY Limerick couple came back from Mass to find their home flooded.

Joe and Eileen Whelan, who live in Portnard, Cappamore, had to make alternative sleeping arrangements on Sunday night.

Their daughter, Jennifer said: “It is horrific.”

“The water is flowing down from the hills but it didn’t come in through the door - it came up through the floors. It is coming up from the ground. 

"We’re inside trying to pump water out from the sitting room and it is bubbling up through the floors as fast as we’re pumping it out,” continued Jennifer, who was speaking on Sunday evening. 

Neighbours rallied around and a slurry tank was used to try and pump the water out.

“Our neighbours have rallied around. They are inside bucketing water out of the sitting room. There were young fellows of 15 years of age filling saucepans and buckets throwing water out of the house.

“Neighbours are fantastic but has anyone come to solve the problem or give any advice as to what is going to happen  - no,” said Jennifer, who is very critical of the OPW.

“There is a constant problem here and the OPW don’t seem to want to sort this out. They built a sluice down by the side of us to take the water but that has never worked right from day one,” she said.

When her parents returned from Mass on Sunday morning Jennifer said they were watching the water level outside. 

“Then, Mam went into the sitting room and she could see it coming up through the floor. I am five foot four and the water was up to my knees in the yard. It was up to the first step of the stairs.

“Everything, kitchen, sitting room, downstairs bedroom, beds - the whole lot is wet. It is not good enough in this day and age,” said Jennifer.

The Limerick Leader has sent a media query to the OPW.