HSE finishes probe into Limerick flu jab claims

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

‘No issue’ found with GPs charging medical card holders for free flu jab, following Dáil claims

‘No issue’ found with GPs charging medical card holders for free flu jab, following Dáil claims

THE HSE has said that there is no issue in Limerick in relation to GPs charging pensioners with medical cards for the free flu jab, following an investigation.

The HSE probe was launched after Sinn Féin TD Maurice Quinlivan stated in a parliamentary question that one GP had charged a constituent €15 for a flu vaccine shot.

He later said that this was “not an isolated incident”.

In a statement to some-200 GPs across the Mid-West this Wednesday morning, the HSE said that it had concluded its investigation. 

“We have contacted our GP network and could not establish any particular situation where this occurred.

“Senior staff in Mid West Community Healthcare contacted Deputy Quinlivan who made the comments but unfortunately he was not in a position to furnish our department with any specific details with regard to the matter.

“Therefore as we do not have specific details the matter is now closed with the conclusion that it is not an issue in Limerick.”

Deputy Quinlivan told the Leader this Wednesday: “In recent days I again contacted those constituents and they were crystal clear that a charge was suggested at the GP or Medical Centre they had attended.

“All those who contacted my office, wish to remain confidential and despite me asking them could I name their doctor or medical centre none wanted to do same.

“I am very happy that the HSE has investigated the matter and now it seems that everyone will be aware that no charge should apply to medical card holders over 70.

“The flu vaccination scheme is vitally important and I would encourage everyone to get the jab. I am booked in myself for my flu jab next week.”