Limerick archaeologist Pat is among new faces on Gogglebox

David Hurley


David Hurley

Siobhán Cuffe and Dr Pat Wallace with their dogs Misto and Daze

Siobhán Cuffe and Dr Pat Wallace with their dogs Misto and Daze

DR Pat Wallace, the former director of the National Museum of Ireland, and his wife Siobhán Cuffe are among the new faces to feature on latest series of Gogglebox Ireland.

Fans of the popular TV3 programme were introduced to the couple, who live in Pembroke, Dublin during last week’s episode which featured news reports on a spat between US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

In the news reports, it was revealed that Kim Jong-un had described President Trump as being “deranged” in response to his earlier address to the United Nations during which he described the North Korean leader as a “rocket man” who was on a suicide mission.

Discussing the reports with his wife, Mr Wallace – a native of Askeaton – commented: “Actually it’s the first true thing that Kim Jong-un has ever said.”

Pat, who retired as director of the National Museum in 2012 following four decades in the role, is later seen commenting that Kim Jong-un appears to be winning the PR battle between the two leaders.

According to the show’s producers, Siobhán and Pat, who met 25 years ago, like watching news and current affairs programmes as well as documentaries on history and the arts.  Siobhán particularly enjoys the late night newspaper reviews on Sky News and while GAA fan Pat is also an avid watcher of sport.

Now in its third series, Gogglebox Ireland goes inside homes across the country capturing the reaction of television viewers as they watch programmes broadcast during the previous seven days.

On last week’s episode, Pat and Siobhán, were not impressed with the appearance of well known Kenmare Hotelier Francis Brennan on the Late Late Show.

“Oh Jesus, Oh Crikey” said Pat while Siobhán exclaimed: “I can’t stand the man.”

Later, Siobhán describes as “more nasty plastic for fishes to choke on” the suggestion by Mr Brennan that people should use special plastic pegs to pair socks before putting them in the washing machine.

“Actually, well said Siobhan, well said,” replies Pat as he nods in approval.

Regular viewers of Gogglebox Ireland will already be familiar with local woman Aoife Ryan and her two sons James and Alex who live in Monaleen as well as  sixteen year-old old Tadhg Hession who visits his grandmother, Ettie at her home in Clonlara everyday