Fresh appeal for man who went missing in Limerick 18 years ago

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Missing since 1999: Des Walsh

Missing since 1999: Des Walsh

“SOMEBODY somewhere must know what happened”.

Eighteen years ago, Desmond Walsh, aged 25, from Dromkeen, was last seen in Limerick city. He was last seen by two nurses in the Works nightclub in Bedford Row at 2am on September 18, 1999.

The pain is as raw for mum Julia as it was when the gardai rang her back in 1999. To compound her grief, Des disappeared in the early hours of her birthday, on September 18. She has never celebrated the date.

Julia and ex-policewoman Catherine Costello, co-founder of the voluntary Searching for the Missing group, and who has investigated the circumstances thoroughly, believe Des was killed.

“It is every parent’s worst nightmare,” Julia has said.

“Somebody, somewhere must know what happened to Des and we are appealing to them to come forward and pass on information confidentially. They have been living with this for years,” she added.

Julia stresses that she doesn’t want a criminal conviction and all she wants is “closure”.

Her husband, Thomas, passed away two years after Des disappeared. Julia’s wish is that if Des’s body is found he could be buried with his father and she could visit their graves together.

One of the reasons she believes that her son’s life was taken is that he was badly beaten up some time before September 18.

He worked in Dell as a security guard and went into work one day “black and blue”. This would have been completely out of character for Des, who was a very mild-mannered and personable young man.

Gardai in Roxboro can be contacted at 061 214340 if you have any information.