Limerick church targeted for a third time in two weeks

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Limerick church targeted for a third time in two weeks

Holy Rosary Church, Ennis Road, targeted three times in two weeks Picture: Michael Cowhey

GARDAÍ at Mayorstone garda station are investigating two separate thefts at a Limerick church, which has been targeted for a third time in less than two weeks. 

According to gardaí, a number of people sole lead flashing from the lefthand side of the Holy Rosary Church on the Ennis Road, last Thursday night, August 25. 

As a result, there was considerable water damage in the church last weekend, according to parish priest Fr Desmond McAuliffe. 

He told the Limerick Leader they had to replace the waterproofing the following day “as an emergency”. However, within four days, the new lead flashing had been stripped from the building once again. 

He said that one individual has been captured on the “limited” CCTV footage. 

One week before this incident, two windows at the city church was broken, which is also being investigated by Mayorstone gardaí. 

It is reported that a number youths were “congregating” around the church and one particular youth could be seen “kicking in” the windows, via CCTV footage. 

Condemning the spate of incidents, Sinn Féin councillor John Costelloe said: “This kind of behaviour is abominable. At the end of the day, this is a place of worship. I have asked for police reinforcements in the area and we have yet to receive them. And this is not confined to the northside of the city, it’s throughout the city.

“Of all places - a church? How weak people are to stoop to that level? It’s incredible. We sometimes think that a church is a place of sanctity, but they are not. They are places that people want to pillage now, unfortunately.”

The northside councillor added: “What kind of upbringing are these people getting, I would like to know. Are they feeding a drug habit? It’s greed as well. It’s money, money, money with people. And someone has to see this happening, but no one is reporting it.”

Gardaí at Mayorstone are appealing for anyone with information to contact the garda station at 061-456980.