Mega Millions on offer: US lotteries available to Limerick punters

US Powerball jackpot of €387m won, but Wednesday's €90m Mega Millions still up for grabs

Alan Owens


2 America’s Powerball lottery is now available in Ireland

A HUGE jackpot in America's Powerball lottery - which is now available in Ireland - was won at the weekend, but there is still a fortune to be made for local punters.

Saturday night's Powerball jackpot of €387 million - €387,400,000 to be precise - was won, but there is a jackpot worth up to €90 million on offer in this Wednesday's Mega Millions, the world's second biggest lottery, with tickets just €2.50. You can get them now here.

Lotto company Multilotto has launched in Ireland, which means you can now can now buy tickets for lottery jackpots that dwarf those available on the lotto or EuroMillions – including the world’s biggest lottery, America’s Powerball.

Crucially, Multilotto is licensed by the Irish National Excise License Office, which guarantees you will be paid out if you hit the jackpot.

The Powerball draw took place on Saturday night in Florida, which equates to the small hours of Sunday morning this side of the pond, and the jackpot was an eye-bulging €387,400,000.

Thousands of players from across Ireland bought tickets for the draw, the jackpot for which rolled over 19 times.

Powerball – Factfile:

Powerball is the world’s biggest lottery. The American giant created a record-breaking $1.5 billion (€1.3bn) jackpot in January 2016 and has created several other jackpots in excess of half a billion dollars.

Country: United States

Days played:  Wednesday and Saturday nights in Florida

How to play: Pick 5 numbers from 1-69 and another bonus number (Powerball) from 1-26

Cost of a line: €3.50

Average jackpot: In excess of €100m

Biggest jackpot ever: A world record €1.3 billion in January 2016

There’s 11 lotteries in total available at Multilotto

In addition to Powerball, players at Multilotto.ie can play 10 more lottery jackpots from around the world, including Mega Millions from the States and big lotteries from Europe like EuroJackpot, Spain’s El Gordo and Italy’s SuperEnaLotto.

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