It's down to business for Team Limerick Clean-up 3 volunteers

Companies are urged to sign up for clean-up before March 31

Áine Fitzgerald


Áine Fitzgerald


It's down to business for TLC3 volunteers

JP McManus and Niall O’Leary of Regeneron with sponsors and staff members at the announcement Picture: Alan Place

A MAJOR push is on to ensure that TLC3 - the clean-up endeavour which focuses on changing attitudes to littering - is bigger and better than ever before.

Over 12,000 volunteers have already registered for TLC3 and businesses from across Limerick are also being urged to get involved in the initiative.

“It’s a social day - three hours on Good Friday during which people can meet and have a chat after it over a cup of tea or a hot cross bun,” commented TLC3 sponsor JP McManus of the clean-up which takes place on April 14.

Representatives from biopharmaceutical company, Regeneron joined Mr McManus at a photocall to encourage other Limerick based companies to sign-up to take part in the hugely popular event.

Team Limerick Clean-up partners, The Limerick Leader, Mr Binman, Live 95FM, and Limerick City and County Council also attended the photocall at Regeneron’s facility at Raheen Business Park.

Mr McManus is urging people from across Limerick, including students, teachers, parents, grandparents, and businesses to add their name to the list as soon as possible.

“The youth have done marvellous,” Mr McManus noted. “Young people are the pillar of this and I think they bring home the good habits to their parents and others at home.

“From small beginnings, it’s doing well. Fair play to all the teachers and schools and businesses throughout the county - they have all embraced it.”

Last year, over 40 companies participated in TLC2 and the aim is to double that figure this year if possible. “We are hoping businesses across the city and county will register before our closing date on March 31,” said Mr McManus.

This is the third year for Regeneron to be involved with the Team Limerick Clean-up initiative.

Regeneron were encouraged to get involved in the initiative after learning about it from community activist Helen O’Donnell.

“The very second I heard about it I said this is something we can do - it’s a big part of our culture, keeping the place spotless. I think it shows a bit of pride in where you work,” said Niall O’Leary, VP – site head from Regeneron.

Regeneron colleagues at Rensselaer in New York will also be taking part in TLC3.

To register for TLC3 log onto