Good news for brave Limerick teenager


Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Good news for brave Limerick teenager

Megan Halvey-Ryan from Dooradoyle, who featured on the RTE Investigates: Living on the List programme

A DOORADOYLE teenager who suffers from scoliosis has secured a surgery date – after an almost two year wait.

The case of Megan Halvey-Ryan, 13, was highlighted on RTE Investigates Living on the List documentary earlier this month.

And she was back on the national broadcaster last night, this time on the Late Late Show, where alongside her mum Sharon, she revealed the good news.

Her treatment is expected to go ahead at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin next month.

Due to her condition - which is an abnormal curvature of the spine - Megan was left unable to attend school due to the pain she was in.

Her mum Sharon also revealed that she was not sleeping and eating properly, and had grown insecure about her appearance.

Speaking on the Late Late Show last night, Megan said it is only in the last six months, she has grown frustrated.

“I have started to ask, why have I not had my surgery yet? Why are you leaving me get this bad? I am in pain every single day, just why can't I get my surgery,” she asked.

She also revealed she has not been to school at Villiers full-time since December, only attending certain days, with her mum having to pick her up mid-way through the day at times.

“It’s been a bit all over the place,” Megan explained, “My rib felt excruciating pain. I was in discomfort sitting in a chair, and holding my schoolbag was difficult.”