Limerick car dealer's third time lucky for Toyota in NCT

Complaint filed with NCT after Adrian Filojek was left 'out of pocket'

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

Limerick car dealer's third time lucky for Toyota in NCT

Adrian Filojek, of First Class Motors on the Ennis Road, has filed a complaint with the NCT

A LIMERICK car dealer who has sold hundreds of cars was left red in the face and out of pocket to the tune of €600 after he was forced to put a car through an NCT three times.

Adrian Filojek, from Poland, of First Class Motors on the Ennis Road, has filed a complaint with the NCT’s national offices in Dublin, after being caused great embarrassment in front of a purchaser, when he was driven around the bend by the local NCT centre.

Before selling on the Toyota Avensis, he brought the car for a full test at 8am one day, where it failed due to a handbrake cable.

He rebooked the test for 5.45pm the same day, as he had a customer travelling by bus from Cork that evening to purchase the car.

In the meantime, he brought the car to a mechanic on the Dock Road, who fixed the cable.

Returning to the NCT centre, he was informed that they couldn't do a retest on just the cable alone, as data from that morning's test had been lost.

He was informed it would have to put it through a full NCT test again, even though he had a print-out with the full details of that car’s results from that morning, which he said the office did not accept.

On the second attempt, the vehicle was failed on a corroded brake line and a rear light lens, which had not transpired as issues in the earlier test.

Mr Filojek, who has been living here for two years, also observed a major discrepancy in the suspension results between the morning and evening tests, appearing as if the car had another 100,000 miles on the clock.

They then offered him a third test – this time for free.

Due to the inconvenience posed to the purchaser, he later delivered the car to him in Cork, offered to pay for the vehicle’s next NCT test, and reduced the price of the car by hundreds of euro as a goodwill gesture.

“It just wasn’t acceptable, and it made me look bad in front of a customer,” he told the Limerick Leader.

He said the body had acknowledged his letter of complaint, and detailed that it would look into the matter, and revert to him with its findings shortly.

The NCT office in Dublin told this newspaper this it is investigating that matter, which should take a number of days.