Bitmead bursary award for Limerick author Dan Mooney

Publishing contract comes with award for writer

Elaine Holmes


Elaine Holmes

Bitmead bursary award for Limerick author Dan Mooney

Limerick author Dan Mooney with his book Me, Myself and Them Picture: Mike Cowhey

A LIMERICK author has been awarded the Luke Bitmead Bursary and a publishing contract with UK publishers Legend Press for his self-published book, Me, Myself and Them: Your Own Worst Enemy.

Dan Mooney was chosen over nine other shortlisted finalists and thousands of applicants for the £2,500 bursary, which includes a single-book contract with Legend Press.

Mr Mooney, who lives on Joseph Street, said that he was “delighted” to be chosen for the bursary, which aims to support the work of struggling and new authors.

“They read out a list of the names and when they called out second place my friends who were there with me started patting me on the back because my name was the only one left to be called,” he recalled.

“It was a complete surprise to me. I did not expect or see it coming at all. I’m still shocked and completely stunned.”

The story follows main character Denis and his struggle with mental health. He thinks that he lives with his four housemates, but in reality he is losing his mind and they are four divisions of his personalities.

The 32-year old got the inspiration for the “dark and funny” story when he overheard two elderly women chatting over coffee.

“One of them said to the other: ‘We all have our own monsters to deal with.’ I assume she meant to say demons because that’s the common expression, but she said monsters, and that struck me as such a strong image.

“I started to think about what would happen if our monsters could walk around with us and went where we went. That idea stuck in my head and I started playing with it and expanding on it,” he recalled.

He now has his sights set on working with the prestigious publishing company to edit and complete the book, but also said that he will be working on other projects during the 18-month contract.

“I don’t see myself working solely on this for the next few months. In between time I’ll be working on other projects,” he explained, adding that he intends to share more of his work with the publishing company, and he has already started his second book. 

Me, Myself and Them: Your Own Worst Enemy is expected to be published in June and will appear in bookstores next summer.

Mr Mooney’s self-published version is still available to buy as an eBook from Amazon.