Limerick city passes 'Go' in Monopoly boardgame

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Limerick city passes 'Go' in Monopoly boardgame

Person of the Year 2015, Katie Whelan, will have her Lisa’s Light project featured on the new Monopoly board

THIS FRIDAY, Limerick will pass “Go” as prominent organisations and places in the city will feature on its very own Monopoly board.

Over the past year, adjudicators from the Monopoly company held a contest to find the most ideal city and town in Ireland that would be featured on the board.

Games promoter Graham Barnes said that Limerick was selected because of its “tourist magnet” landmarks, namely King John’s Castle, the Treaty Stone and the Hunt Museum.

Launching the Monopoly board this week, Limerick Person of the Year for 2015, Katie Whelan will have her charity project Lisa’s Light starring on the Community Chest square.

This follows a competition which involved the public voting for a charity project to be featured on the board.

Lisa’s Light promotes positive mental health as a means of suicide prevention, “reminding everyone that there is a reason to smile in every single day”.

The 19-year-old student, whose project has been lauded locally and nationally, said: “I am delighted that Lisa's Light is being featured on the official Limerick Monopoly board.

“It means the charity will always be remembered as an integral part of Limerick.

“It's an honour to represent Limerick and all the amazing charities here too. We feel this is only the beginning for Lisa's Light.”

Jake Houghton, of the organisers Winning Moves Representatives, said: “Lisa’s Light is now an integral part of Limerick. Also, unlike the property squares on the board, there is no price tag on the Community Chest square so it reinforces the message that you can’t put a price on charity.”

Ms Whelan will be a guest of honour at the launch at the Hunt Museum, and will be joined by Mayor Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon.

The board will see around 30 local landmarks replacing the famous original Monopoly streets like Mayfair and Park Lane, including Munster Rugby and The Hunt Museum. 

The Limerick Leader and Limerick Chronicle will feature on the board replacing the famous Fleet Street square.