Garda warning after Limerick shoppers are targeted by thieves

David Hurley


David Hurley



Gardai have arrested and charged the suspects

GARDAI are appealing for information after a woman was knocked to the ground by a thief who stole her handbag.

According to gardai, the victim, whose aged in her late 50s, was loading her groceries into her car at around 11.15am last Saturday when a man approached her and pulled her bag from her.

"The lady attempted to hold onto to her bag but she was pulled along and she fell to the ground. The male ran off with her wallet which contained cash. Needless to say she is terribly shocked," said Sergeant Ber Leetch.

A man and a woman were subsequently arrested and charged by gardai after they were identified as suspects.

"This incident is very frightening to everybody but it’s important to remember that the thief was after the handbag and cash. It’s always a good idea for ladies to leave your handbag at home and only bring your bank card or minimal cash with you. Keep a look out for each other and if you see anybody acting suspiciously find a member of security staff and inform
them or ring the gardai," added Sgt Leetch.

In a separate incident, another lady was targeted by a thief while she was grocery shopping recently.

"This happened to a lady in her 50’s when she was in the supermarket and had her handbag on her shopping trolley. A thief saw his chance and took her handbag while the lady was distracted. Her handbag was later found but her money was gone," said Sgt Leetch.

The suspected in that cases has also been arrested and charged by gardai.