The Clare People newspaper announces closure after 14 years

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Sadness at closure of Clare People newspaper after 14 years

THERE has been widespread sadness at the announcement that The Clare People newspaper is to cease publication after 14 years in business. 

The newspaper announced on social media that this Tuesday's weekly edition will be its last. 

It is understood there will be an estimated loss of 16 jobs, which includes 10 editorial staff. 

"Unfortunately our newspaper cannot continue to sustain the losses we have incurred in delivering a quality product to the people of Clare on a weekly basis in the face of consistently declining circulation and advertising revenues. As a consequence of the rapid impact of the internet and free online platforms, the marketplace for quality local newspapers has changed fundamentally," it said on Facebook. 

It said that they are "immensely proud" of the contribution they have "made to our county, our culture and our people for so long". 

"We would like to thank our loyal readers and all those who have supported us for the past fourteen years. We deeply appreciated that support," it added. 

Tweeting the newspaper, Shannon Airport said: "We are very sorry to hear this news and would like to thank all the staff at The Clare People for your support over the years. Best of luck to all for the future."

Journalists, businesses and members of the public all over the country have taken to Twitter and Facebook, expressing sadness at the closure of the newspaper.