‘That’s Limerick’ promotional DVD to screen around the world

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

A NEW marketing DVD showcasing Limerick life will be screened around the world in the hope of stimulating tourism to the region.

A NEW marketing DVD showcasing Limerick life will be screened around the world in the hope of stimulating tourism to the region.

‘That’s Limerick’, produced by the Limerick Communications Office, is a vibrant ten minute film showcasing the best the region has to offer, from food to retail to music to sport and more and was launched this week by Mayor of Limerick Cllr Jim Long.

“It was fascinating, it is everything that one would aspire to in promoting the city. My hat is off to Laura Ryan and her team,” said the mayor after watching the video, which was shot and edited by the Pallaskenry based Matt Kelly Productions.

“I think it is a marvellous tool for promoting the city in education, sport and commercial activities.

“I would hope now that people all over the world would see this video and come to Limerick as a result. This video is right up my street and when it goes out and people see it, they are going to forget about the negative commentary toward Limerick, which is highly unbalanced and unfair anyway, so this is our response,” he added.

The short film features footage of a wide variety of local sights set against a soundtrack that includes local bands Windings, Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters and Size2Shoes.

A brief voiceover declares Limerick to be the “perfect destination for your stopover, business trip, family outing, fun weekend break” providing “total relaxation” for the visitor.

Laura Ryan said she “wanted to portray Limerick as a fun, buzzy place and there is no distinction between city and county. It is an upbeat snapshot of Limerick.”

Local personalities such as Paul O’Connell, Celia Holman Lee and composer Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, all have their say on the strengths of the region and its attractiveness to outsiders.

“I wanted something a little bit different that didn’t have a big voice over and would allow Limerick people to tell the story and showcase the city in their own words,” noted Ms Ryan.

It is hoped that local hotels, third level institutions, businesses and tourist centres will all use the DVD to promote the city.

And the district of Limerick in Pennsylvania in the United States of America, will get to see the new ten minute short later this year, thanks to a programme called ‘Limerick to Limerick’ - spearheaded by schools in the city and county.

Noel Malone, principal of Coláiste Chiaráin, Croom, explained the link between Limerick and the USA.

“The Limerick to Limerick project started five years ago with a link to Springfort Senior High School in Pennsylvania,” he explained.

“They are incredibly interested in Limerick one of the things we have been looking at in terms of developing the project is that they have asked us to provide one hour programming on a monthly basis for their local cable stations.

“So we are trying to push it so that this is a positive side of Limerick, so it coincides very well with what we are doing here this evening,” he added.

Copies of ‘That’s Limerick’ are available from the Limerick Communications Office on 88 O’Connell Street or it can also be viewed here That’s Limerick.