Memories – 40 Years Ago – New names wanted in Southill


THE Southill community council has agreed to seek suggestions for the re-naming of O’Malley Park and the streets and courts there, from residents. 

It was stated that sick often often cannot be located by doctors because of the difficult numbering system there. 

At a meeting with Corporation officials recently at the Town Hall, it was agreed that the suggestions would be passed on to the street naming committee. 

Other items were also discussed, according to Mr Tommy Allen, PRO of the community council.

The play centre at O’Malley Park and the transfer of this site to the community council were discussed. The Corporation regretted that is not in a position financially to fence in the site.

The council also disclosed that a recent survey showed that 47 street lights were out of order. The Corporation was asked for new and clearer name plates for Keyes Park and Kincora Park.

It was agreed that these matters would be looked into by the Corporation.

It was also agreed that the delays for people wanting to buy their own houses under the tenant purchase scheme will be also looked at. The council received many complaints from people who paid their deposit and have since had no word.