Memories – 40 years – Alarming theft facts revealed


OVER £900 has been stolen in Limerick city since last September by a group of juveniles under 16 years of age, who have snatched purses from innocent shoppers in the city. These alarming facts were disclosed by Insp Michael Creaton at Limerick Children’s Court on Saturday. The reason for this high rate of juvenile crime is that there is no place of detention to cater for youths under 16 who have a criminal record.

The horrifying truth is that these youths get off scot free, and there is very little the garda authorities or the courts can do to stamp out this type of crime since there is no place to send them.

Insp Creaton said that the juveniles committing such crimes know only too well that there is no place they can be sent.

He added after one children’s court, a number of juveniles went up to the city and grabbed a number of handbags and purses in O’Connell Street.

Justice de Burca commented to Insp Creaton “they can do what they like, it is a waste of my time, and your time dealing with such matters”. At Saturday’s court, it seemed a number of children ignored the court and did not even turn up. Apparently, there is nothing the garda authorities can do about this.