Memories – 40 years – City 'depressed' for car sales


LIMERICK is a depressed area for car sales: this is shown in figures just released. By comparison with Cork and Dublin, Limerick is not a buoyant area.

The number of registrations for new cars from January to November 1975 show that Limerick city accounted for only 2.2% of the country’s investment in cars.

By comparison Cork, with only twice the population of Limerick, accounted for 12.2% of sales. Dublin, ten times bigger than Limerick, accounted for 34.9% of sales.

The number of registrations of private cars in Limerick during 1975 (January to November) was 1,105 or just over three per day.

Even more interesting are the percentages of cars sold by model.

Taking the 1,105 new registrations, the most popular car in Limerick is the Fiat, accounting for over 28% of the market.

Next follows the Ford make, with nearly 25% of registrations.

In this, Limerick is the reverse of Cork or Dublin with investment heavily in Ford rather than Fiat cars.

Next in popularity in Limerick is the Chrysler/Simca car which cornered nearly 14% of the market. The Austins account for only one-half of registrations.