Memories – 30 years – RTÉ make charge against cable TV


RTÉ have lodged a complaint with the Department of Communications aginst Westwards Cables, alleging that the “poor quality” of the RTÉ 1 television signal being relayed throughout the city’s cable system was in breach of the franchise granted by the Department to Westward.

Mr Pat Keyes, the technical publicity officer for the station’s reception investigation section, contacted the Limerick Leader this week, stating that they had lodged the complaint against Westward. A very irate Mr keyes said that he wanted to make it clear that the blame for the “poor quality RTÉ 1 signal in Limerick lay at the feet of the Westward Cables”. 

“We are sending a perfect signal to Limerick. It is the distribution of the signal by Westward that leaves a lot to be desired – it is just not good enough,” stated Mr Keyes. 

He said that the station were getting hundreds of complaints from customers of Westward Cables that the RTE 1 signal coming through the pipe was very poor. 

“Those with aerials are getting a perfect picture – the fault lies with Westward. The particular channel that they are using is not suited for RTÉ.”